The 'YO YO Endurance Test' provides an important instrument for determining the level of physical efficiency of an athlete.
The physical capacity is evaluated quickly and easily by placing two cones spaced 20 meters each other.
The athlete has to run at full speed from one cone to another and then return again on the first cone. This path must be repeated for six times without any break, and get the split times every time the athlete passes on the first cone.

This application will track all the split time and at the end will be calculated two parameters that determine the outcome of the test. More these values are low and better will be the athlete's performance.

Basically the final result is given by a mathematical formula that processes the delta between the averages of the last two split times and the first two split times and thereby the athlete's ability to maintain its maximum speed for a certain period of time.

The second value obtained on completion of the test, is the first result considering also the total time of the test.

The 'YO YO Endurance Test' can be used to determine the level of athletic in all sports (football, running, basketball, volleyball, cycling, tennis etc.)
At the end of the test you can get for each athlete the final result (eg. "Above average" or "Poor") and the Vo2Max estimate

You can manage more Athletes and save personal data and notes.
You can analyze test results.
Automatic Sync between devices thanks to iCloud
Info section where you can better understand how prepare the test and you can visit linked website and video where get more info about YO-YO Endurance Test

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Versão 3.9

- Now you can set the REST TIME.
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