Build Your Way to Victory in Fortnite

For a competitive edge, focus on creation.


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Struggling to score a Fortnite Victory Royale? One of the quickest way to improve is to get handy with a pickaxe. Learning how to gather materials to build ramps, shelters, and other structures is key to outlasting the masses.

There are countless ways to use buildings to your advantage. Reach rooftops with well-placed staircases. Transform a grove into a lookout tower. Get good enough and you can trap opponents in buildings while the storm sweeps through to deplete the last of their health. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice a few matches to practice—you’ll be building a brighter Fortnite future.

Let’s go over some of the basics.

1. Break before you build

‣ It all starts with mining. Right when you land on the island, switch to your pickaxe and whack away at rocks, trees, houses, cars, and other objects to acquire raw materials. Then use them to build structures that can be essential for survival. Walls can block attacks. Ramps let you reach higher ground. Just be sure to gather early and often—you can never have too much.

2. Master the art of editing

‣ Tap the little icon with the pencil to enter edit mode. This lets you change the shape of the element of the building you’re working with. Create a thinner ramp with a railing on the side, or add a window to a wall to safely spy on nearby threats. There are strategic uses for each of these modifications. Experiment with every tool to discover which work best for your particular play style.

3. Hide to survive

‣ As you navigate Fortnite’s spacious environments, you’ll likely get caught out in the open and need cover quickly. But a single wall, while quick to build, may prove insufficient. Here’s a tip for building a more effective fortification on the fly: Surround yourself with three walls, but instead of closing yourself in, build a ramp toward your enemy. Crouch, walk up the ramp, and peek over the edge to survey the scene. Creep back down and you’ll still be protected.

4. Create a safe space

‣ While structures can help in combat, they’re also great for recovery. Healing in Fortnite can take a while, so before you slurp down a Chug Jug or revive a teammate, get protected. Wall yourself in, then add a floor tile as a roof to create a makeshift room. Another benefit: You’ll see the walls taking damage if enemies try to knock them down, so you can be ready to react.


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