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Curve puts all your finances in one place by connecting your debit and credit cards to one simple app & beautiful card. Not a bank. But a revolutionary way to deal with your money.

Set up an account in minutes, then securely add all your Visa and Mastercard debit cards to your Curve Card app and use any of your bank accounts with just one Curve Mastercard. No top-up needed!

Manage your money in one place, get instant notification and lock your card with a single tap. Get many of the benefits from each of your underlying cards including loyalty points and rewards, then receive Curve's beneficial incredible benefits and features on top.

Curve's killer exchange rates make spending money abroad worry-free, and if you wish you'd used a different bank card for a transaction, Curve allows you to change the card you used. There's also Curve rewards where you can earn 1% cashback from a selection of 100+ retailers, with the money sent right to your Curve Cash card.


Curve gives you financial freedom, simplifying your mobile banking experience by connecting your current, business and personal accounts to one smart card and an even smarter app. Curve's game-changing app makes your mobile transparent, personalised, secure, rewarding and real-time.


Curve works in 30m+ Mastercard locations globally that support PIN or contactless payments. As Curve is a debit Mastercard, you can use it for spending money in places which don't accept credit cards and then charge it to your credit card.


Paid with the wrong card? Easy FIX. Curve lets you switch the bank card you used for purchases up to £1,000 and up to 14 days after your purchase.


Curve rewards you for your everyday payments. Get 1% Curve Cash on your daily commute, your coffee with friends and family, your grocery shop and even your Netflix binge watch. Choose from a list of 100+ retailers to earn Curve Cash, including brands like Amazon, Uber, Spotify, John Lewis, Tesco, Sainsbury's & more. Don't wait for your rewards to appear in your bank balance. Use Curve cash anywhere instantly. No points. No gimmicks. If you choose Curve Black or Curve Metal, you receive Curve Cash for unlimited time - it pays to spend. ''The cashback rewards are really good. Money for nothing!''- Sumeet, Curve Customer


Curve banking gives you access to the interbank rate so you can spend money abroad easily. Plus you can enjoy fee-free ATM withdrawals abroad up to £600/month (weekend charges apply). Simpler, safer and cheaper travel money.


Get real-time spending notifications on all bank account activity so you always know what's happening to your money. Curve instantly categorises each purchase to your spend timeline, whether you're spending money at home or abroad, keeping track or trying to save, Curve's here to help you manage your money.


After making payments with Curve, take a photo of the physical receipts, open the Curve app and attach it to transactions in-app. Or we'll send you a handy receipt to your email.


If you lose your bank card (or you think you did), you can freeze it with a single tap in the app, and unlock it if you find it again.


Curve provides a layer of protection between you and unscrupulous sellers by offering the best purchase protection when you haven't received your goods or services as promised. With Curve you're covered for certain purchases up to £100,000, and our customer support is always there to help.

Welcome to the revolution. Download the Curve Card App today.

*Terms and privacy policy apply at 0FX subject to caps and weekend charges. Cashback with selected retailers.


Versiune 3.6.17

For UK users Curve has become even more rewarding, checkout the new Rewards tab to earn some sweet cashback!

For everyone else, we're working hard to make it rewarding for you very soon*.

*We've fixed some more bugs, and although it's still a bit cold outside, update your app, polish your metal card and get ready for those beer gardens and warm nights, they are just around the corner!

Evaluări și recenzii

4.5 din 5
148 evaluări

148 evaluări

iulian880 ,

Did not receive my card

Update: I received my card, there was an issue regarding the postal service. Everything is cool with Curve. Thank you!

Răspunsul dezvoltatorului ,

Hi there, I'm glad to hear that this issue was resolved for you. Have a great day!

Mytzu_ro ,


Great app and card. I use only Curve with Apple Pay or Garmin Pay.

Răspunsul dezvoltatorului ,

Thanks for your review, we really appreciate it!

traiana00000 ,

Problem verifying

I had some issues with verifying my visa card, some error appeared with my cvv, and i couldn’t verify the curve card. Also, they charged me 0.7£ for this verification, without consent, and i couldn’t decline it, because it was instant. I don’t recommend this service as it can cause problems.

Răspunsul dezvoltatorului ,

Hey there, sorry to hear you've had a negative experience with Curve. This charge is how we verify your payment cards added to Curve. We charge your card a small amount and then immediately refund the charge; this will be reflected on your bank statement within 2-5 working days. We'd love the opportunity to help you finish setting up your account if you message us at

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