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Join in and discover the numerous possibilities of customization and tuning of a car, then race it against each faction bosses and become the King Of The Street in NYC.

Enjoy driving over 30+ pixel art cars on 4 different tracks all across the famous United States Of America, step up from a old car to some of the finest hypercars that are on the market and upgrade, tune and race them to their limits.

In this game you will find some unique and original details and systems that are not present in other mobile games.

Victory its hard to get on the straight line in the world leaderboard, challenge your friends times and rank 1 each month in all of the categories.

Upgrade your car until it becomes the fastest drag race car on the streets and dominate your opponents.

Featuring a story with 5 teams that rule New York City, you have to avenge your father and beat each and everyone of them, but watch out this might not be the answer that you are looking for and it might stretch beyond the NYC limits into

Europe and maybe even other continents like Asia, Australia and Africa in the future. In the career mode you will have to fight at different competition levels, from friendly competition to stiff and even tough competition, the gang members will always put a fight.

There is no limit in car customization, tune and customize your car in the engine department, increase your top speed with longer final gears and even stance your car with lowering springs and coilover suspension.

Hit the streets and find:
• Thrilling and entertaining career with a written story and 5 teams with over 60+ races
• Race around 4 different tracks ranging from airports/drag strips to country roads in USA
• More than 30+ unique pixel art cars
• Over 200+ pixel art car tuning parts
• Turbo/Supercharger and even drivetrain swaps
• Gasoline and diesel powered engines with real black smoke
• Realistic Vehicle Controller and physics with unlimited customization potential
• Realistic Tire/Nitro(NOS) System
• Fuel system simulator with real fuel consumption and different gas tank sizes ready to be upgraded
• Realistic Car Sounds
• Race your friends times in the World Leaderboard
• Euro, Japan, US style Cars & Parts
• Multiple control layouts to fit your playstyle with control over ESP and TCS
• 8 teams to choose from, each one of them with a unique bonus
• Quick Races with Easy/Med/Hard difficulty (1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1 mile races)
• Ladder Style Races
• Dyno tuning to get your car up to top fuel dragster level
• Multiple Car Info/Player Info available
• Cloud Saving
• Facebook Login
• Multiple graphic settings
• Designed for car enthusiast worldwide
• 3D Car tuning simulator with endless engine and parts customization
• Car tuning software to unleash your full engine potential
• Drive your car in cities like New York City/Los Angeles/Rural areas
• Extrem car driving can be achieved and the fastest drag car will always be on the top of the leaderboard
• Updates frequent with new content and features
• Request new cars and features on our social media pages

If you have any problem or you have found a bug, feel free to write to our email:


Versiune 1.02

Race series are here!
Compete against 8 opponents with the same car as them each day in order to win a big prize in cash or cars!
You can now drive the Legendary BOSS CARS!!
Now you can choose from different fuel types (Race/Premium/Normal)

Daily rewards have been added

2 New class F cars
Version control
Various bug fixes

Evaluări și recenzii

5,0 din 5
6 evaluări

6 evaluări

AG18800 ,


Very nice game, I like that you can tune every part individually, nice looking cars and lovely physics.

Răspunsul dezvoltatorului ,

Thank you for the review!

MateiMegyesi ,

Good game

Interesting game

Răspunsul dezvoltatorului ,

Thank you for the review!

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