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PONY is the first and largest carsharing service in Romania, with a fleet of over 150 cars available in Bucharest, Cluj and Alba Iulia. You create an account for free, upload the information needed, and you're ready to drive in less than 24h from registering. Be part of the PONY community: over 20.000 active users are happy with the service and use it as a means of transportation. Download the PONY app.

What do we offer?

You can drive any of the cars 24/7, by opening it with your smartphone. You check the map on the app and find the nearest car to you, which you can book for free for 30 minutes in advance.
The rates are calculated by minute, hour or day and include fuel, insurance, taxes and maintenance. You pay just as much as you drive, it's that simple. 
The ride history, costs and invoices are available in the app.

How does it work?

You create a free account, upload pictures of a valid ID, driver's license and the information of a valid bank card.
You set the location mode to ON to locate yourself on the map and see where all the cars are.

You pay automatically through the bank card you added to your account, or through the purchase of a prepaid unit package (1 unit=1 leu), straight from the app.

For any questions or inquiries, get in touch with us through


PONY este primul și cel mai mare serviciu de carsharing din România, ce pune la dispoziția utilizatorilor o flotă de peste 150 de mașini, disponibilă în București, Cluj și Alba Iulia. Îți creezi gratuit un cont, încarci informațiile necesare și ești gata să te urci la volan, în mai puțin de 24h de la înregistrare. Fii parte din comunitatea PONY: 20.000 de utilizatori activi mulțumiți folosesc serviciul ca mijloc de transport. Descarcă aplicația PONY.

Ce oferim?

Ai la dispoziție 24/7 mașini pe care le poți deschide cu smartphone-ul. Verifici harta din aplicație și vezi unde se află cea mai apropiată mașină de tine, pe care o rezervi gratuit timp de 30 de minute.
Cursele se tarifează pe minut, oră sau zi și includ combustibilul, asigurările, taxele și întreținerea.
Plătești doar cât timp conduci: nimic mai simplu.
Istoricul curselor, costurile aferente și facturile sunt accesibile direct în aplicație.

Cum funcționează?

Îți creezi cont gratuit, încarci poze cu un document de identitate, permisul de conducere și datele unui card bancar valid.

Setezi locația pe modul ON pentru a te localiza pe hartă și a vedea mașinile din flotă.
Plata se face direct cu cardul bancar adăugat in cont, sau prin achiziția rapidă a unui pachet prepay de unități (1 unitate=1 leu), direct din aplicație.

Dacă ai întrebări sau ai întâmpinat dificultăți de orice fel, scrie-ne pe


Versiune 2.1.0

Vehicle clustering based on location

Error handling within the app

Bug fixed on the stop trip screen

Evaluări și recenzii

2.7 din 5
44 evaluări

44 evaluări

Cristian Ilea ,


The app is very laggy for what it does. I'm an iOS developer and it's the kind of app that I would love to fix 🤣 but I can't. It's a bit sad. Sometimes it even crashes. Error handling is poor. When I wanted to add my email (signup process) it gave me an error like "something went wrong". No guidance on why or what should I do...
It crashed on me more than once.
The app could also use some more design polish. I hope you guys put some more effort in the app. Don't take my review too harsh. The app can quickly become a 5⭐️ favorite if you put a bit of effort. 1-2 max months of work 👌 and it's a piece of art.

GabrielDacicus ,

Paying for a damaged car and a horror trip

I rented a Mini for a short trip to college (around 35 minutes of driving). The right mirror was broken, the engine light was lit thus suggesting a malfunction (probably the engine oil being at the minimum level). At slow speeds and while being stopped the car was vibrating hard and a tractor engine sound could be heard inside and outside of the car. It is clear for me that the car was in this state before being rented by me, it was also probably reported before but the pony support team didn't do anything regarding those problems. I called their emergency number and I was welcomed by the sweet voice of a voicemail from Orange (mobile carrier) - so a private number not a call center which would be more suitable for a car sharing service. My messages were replied with a rather false excuse that the vibrations were caused by the low tyre pressure but nothing about the oil level or the broken mirror. They ended by telling me that they will send a staff member to check the car.

is1977is ,


Prices for cars is very high. In Russia and in Poland car sharing prices is 2x times cheaper and cars are better.


48.7 MB

Necesită iOS 9.0 sau o versiune ulterioară. Compatibil cu iPhone, iPad și iPod touch.





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