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The idea of digitalizing local democracies on a participation platform is based on the principle of collective intelligence. The sum of ideas and arguments of all citizens will always be stronger than the ideas of a handful of decision-makers, if there are decent facilitation mechanisms in place.

Governments are slowly catching on to what is propelling the private sector forward and it is vital to the mission of government to usher in a continued growth toward mobile experiences, digital understanding and newer technology that will build a connected future that we want to live in!

We build digital platforms and mobile applications that empower communities, regions, cities or countries to think and act intelligently, aided by technology, for the benefit of the citizens.

Digital participation can mean every interaction — often in the shape of ideas, viewpoints or votes - that empowers citizens to influence the administrative processes within their municipality. That’s why digital participation can only succeed if there’s sufficient space for opinions that effectively affect local policy.

Benefits for Citizens

are enabled to act and participate by working on concrete solutions
can become more responsible and involved in the community
can better understand the institutions and their decisions
can create more active communities focused on collaboration
can create models for other communities and cities

Benefits for the City Hall

can track the citizens’ perception on the local administration activity
can take decisions based on factual and citizen feedback data
can participate in joint actions with the community building trust
can better align the communication efforts to the public agenda
can foster innovation through community participation

Digital Participation Advantages for Communities

A bigger and more diverse audience, at a lower cost. An online approach is more accessible and therefore guarantees a larger and more diverse audience.
More public support for decisions. You create more transparency, you can share the necessary information, and it’s easier for residents to engage with policy makers
Increased efficiency and responsiveness. Citizens’ ideas are no longer shared on post-its or notes but can be gathered as digital data that can be processed automatically.
Improved quality of decision-making and administrative innovation. Having a wider reach makes it easier to respond to what’s happening in your community.
Our approach draws on the principles of openness and participation, favors solutions that leverage technology, and funds organizations and businesses that provide citizens with the information and tools they need to ensure their interests are represented and to hold their leaders to account.

Citizen Roles

Solution Seeker

Propose solutions
Vote or propose improvement to other solutions
Set favorites and follow them
See what are the most recent, most voted, most commented

Implementation Hero (coming soon)
Set the time available for community actions
Propose actions
Invite others to join
Vote or join actions
Set favorites and follow them
See what are the most recent, most voted, most commented, near.

Agile Watchdog

Raise an issue (description, location and pictures)
Check similar or nearby issues
Validate other issues raised
Set favorites and follow them
See what are the most recent, most voted, most commented, near.

Feedback Lover (coming soon)
Answer questions and polls
Propose questions
Vote for other proposed questions
Comment on results
See what are the most recent, most voted

Community Leader (coming soon)
Validate status on raised issues
Validate actions (mark as completed)
Set causes and build community around them
Manage cause forum

By using our h.appycities platforms, citizens get more engaged and play an important role in their community. And they get rewarded by the community.

Happier citizens, happier cities!


Versiune 1.3

H.appyCitites App has Happy points & New Badges. As you volunteer for your community, the points add up in your profile, you reach higher trust levels and receive Happy badges (Trust Starter, Team Player Respected Model & Community Leader).

Also, if you are an NGO preoccupied with improving the quality of life in your community, now you can! Directly from our app you can assess plans, propose actions, gather around engaged citizens and make a real change!

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5,0 din 5
1 evaluări

1 evaluări

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