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ING Home'Bank este ca un panou de comandă și control pentru banii tăi. Te conectezi simplu doar cu username-ul ales de tine și amprenta/parola/digipass și ai acces la toate operațiunile bancare. Pe lângă plata cu telefonul mobil, transferuri și plăți facturi, din ING Home'Bank poți, de exemplu, să-ți faci o asigurare pentru casă sau să deschizi un cont nou și să comanzi un card nou. Pe scurt, poți face cam orice din treburile tale bancare.

Vezi câteva din beneficiile Home’Bank de pe mobil:

Cum telefonul îl ai mereu la tine, ING Pay îți face viața mult mai ușoară. Pentru că atunci când mergi la cumpărături, nu mai trebuie să scotocești după card prin geantă sau prin portofel. De fapt, nici nu mai e nevoie să cari portofelul după tine. Scoți telefonul, aprinzi sau deblochezi ecranul, îl apropii de POS și gata, ai plătit. Simplu și rapid.
Ai acces în Home’Bank cu un singur apăsat cu opțiunea de autentificare cu amprentă. O poți activa din meniul Setări cont – Autentificare cu amprentă.
Vrei să actualizezi datele personale? Nimic mai simplu! Click în meniul Setări cont – Datele mele și poți modifica oricând datele tale.
Cu Scan&Pay plătești facturile cu telefonul ca și cum ai poza pisica. Apoi confirmi cu parolă sau digipass și gata, ai și plătit-o. Pe factură, nu pe pisică. Simplu și elegant.
Ai nevoie de bani pentru a ieși în oraș, dar nu știi unde este cel mai apropiat bancomat ING? Intră în aplicația Home’Bank de pe telefon și-l găsești imediat cu opțiunea ATM Locator.

Iar pentru a afla cum poți deveni client ING fără niciun drum la bancă, intră aici:

Aplicația este disponibilă în limba română.

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ING Home'Bank is like a control panel for your money. You simply login with the username you choose and your fingerprint / password / digipass and you have access to all banking operations. In addition to mobile phone payments, transfers and invoice payments, from ING Home'Bank you can, for example, make a home insurance policy or open a new account and order a new card. In short, you can do almost any of your banking business.

See some of the benefits of Home'Bank on mobile:

- As your phone always comes in handy, ING Pay makes your life much easier. Because when you go shopping, you no longer have to search for the card in your purse or wallet. In fact, you don't even need to carry your wallet after you. Remove the phone, turn on or unlock the screen, move it closer to the POS and you're done, you paid Simple and fast.

- You have access to Home'Bank with a single tap with the fingerprint authentication option. You can activate it from the Account Settings - Fingerprint Authentication menu.

- Do you want to update your personal data? Nothing easier! Click on the Account Settings - My Data menu and you can change your data at any time.

- With Scan & Pay you pay the bills with your phone as fast as making a selfie. Then confirm with password or digipass and you're ready, you paid for it. Simple and fast.

- You need money to get out of town, but don't know where is the nearest ING ATM? Access the Home'Bank app on your phone and find it immediately with the ATM Locator option.

In order to find out how to become an ING client without going to an ING Office, read more here:

The application is available in Romanian.

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Versiune 4.6.1

La mulți ani! Fie ca în 2022 să întâlniți puține bug-uri și fie ca toate imbunătățirile la versiunea voastră curentă să fie la fel de ușor de făcut ca un update de aplicație.

Începem anul cu artificii, așa că te invităm să faci update și să descoperi noua secțiune de “Produse” din aplicație, unde vei găsi modalități noi de a interacționa cu produsele ING pe care le ai deja și o mulțime de informații despre cele care te-ar putea interesa.

Pe data viitoare, cu un Home’Bank mereu mai bun.

Happy New Year! May you have a 2022 that requires no bug fixes and may all improvements to your current version happen as smoothly as a quick app update.

We’re starting 2022 with fireworks, so we’re inviting you to update the app and discover the new “Produse” section, a new way to interact with the ING products you own and more information about those you might be interested in.

See you next time, each time with a better Home’Bank.

Evaluări și recenzii

4,4 din 5
10,8 K evaluări

10,8 K evaluări

Alina Lazarica ,

No confidentiality

The app is fine and after the latest update, it looks a little better. But there is a problem which needs to be fixed: the available amount shown on the home screen includes the amount from the economies account (if you have).
This is not at all a good idea, because the money is economy for a reason. In the worst case, you can add the possibility to choose if you want your available amount to include the economies or not.
Also, the push notifications show the remaining amount, which is again a confidentiality problem. We all know that the push notifications are received in more than 30% cases long after a payment has been made or some money were received/withdrawen. And most of the cases, this push notification arrives exactly in the worst cases, when someone else can see your phone.
If there are people who want to show off their accounts, fine by me, but I would like to have the opportunity to hide as much as possible

Răspunsul dezvoltatorului ,

Hello, Alina - first things first, thank you for the rating and the detailed review. We love hearing directly from our users how we could make their lives a little bit easier and a little bit better.
We've just released an update that takes your input into account. The available amount has been split into current accounts and savings and we also moved it to a less visible area, at the bottom of the accounts list. As for the push notifications, we got the message. Most of our clients use them to check or double check their balance, but we'll explore options to cover everyone's preferences.
We're all using Home'Bank more and more often on the go in public places and we want you to feel safe and comfortable with Home'Bank, while still getting the most out of it.

dalayur ,

Very bad interface

One of the worst app interface for a banking platform. Given the fact that ING praises itself for the tech advancement and the futuristic vibe, the app is excruciatingly painful to use. First of all, it requires a tap for the Face ID scan to activate and almost every time it needs a second scan to proceed. Once logged in, everything feels slow and clunky, almost as an app from the early days of iOS. The interface is off, in the Bazaar section the help button overlaps the phone’s notch (which is a rookie designer mistake, shame on your developers - there is only one iPhone notch to care for). Most of the time it feels like this wasn’t made for touch, but rather for desktop. The buttons are sometimes tiny, sometimes huge, there is inconsistency all over the place, sometimes there is a header, sometimes there isn’t. And the loading times are laughable.
All in all, you should be ashamed as a company for pushing this half-baked joke of an application, given the fact that your are one of the big banks, being super vocal about the integration of technology and design in your Home’Bank services.
Pro tip: just take a look in some of the fintech owned apps, and see how a real banking app should look like. Until then, i can’t recommend this thing you call an app to nobody.

Sir MST ,

Best in Romania But Buggy

Banks in Romania have such antique and bad apps that the ING one feels a decade ahead of them.

However I have encountered the following major bugs:
1. The ‘Facturile Mele’ functionality seldom works(for Electrica and Digi). sometimes I do get the notification that I have to pay them, other times it just appears as if all my bills are paid though they are not.
2. The ‘Facturile Mele’ functionality for Eon Gaz doesn’t work at all. For the last half a year, the ING app shows me I have no bills to pay(even though that is not the case). During this time I have unsubscribed and resubscribed to the bills in the hope that it would fix it, however it did not.
3. After a long period of inactive time I could access parts of the application, though some functionality wasn’t working (like seeing the ammount of money i have, etc). My guess is the session expired, however good security practice is that I am redirected to the login page. ‘Closing’ the app from multitasking did not work, I had to explicitly log out of the app (and login in again)to be able to use it again.

If these bugs were to be fixed I would be willing to offer the app 5 stars. I really do hope somebody from ING looks at these comments and creates some cases for the dev team.

Confidențialitatea aplicației

Dezvoltatorul, ING BANK N.V. AMSTERDAM - SUCURSALA BUCURESTI, a indicat că practicile de confidențialitate ale aplicației pot include gestionarea datelor conform descrierii de mai jos. Pentru informații suplimentare, consultați politica de confidențialitate a dezvoltatorului.

Date asociate cu dvs.

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  • Informații de contact
  • Conținut utilizator
  • Identificatori
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  • Diagnoză

Date care nu sunt asociate cu dvs.

Următoarele date pot fi colectate, însă nu sunt asociate identității dvs.:

  • Localizare
  • Contacte
  • Istoric de căutare
  • Date privind utilizarea
  • Diagnoză

Practicile de confidențialitate pot varia, de exemplu, în funcție de funcționalitățile pe care le utilizați sau de vârsta dvs. Aflați mai multe


  • Portofel

    Obțineți toate permisele, biletele, cardurile și multe altele într-un singur loc.

  • Partajarea familială

    Până la șase membri ai familiei vor putea utiliza această aplicație prin activarea Partajării familiale.

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