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SPARK is a car sharing app for low cost and eco-friendly travels in Bucharest, Sofia and Vilnius.

We provide only electric cars to reach your destination in comfort and style, respecting the environment and saving your costs. Free-floating model allows you to start your ride in one location and leave SPARK car in any other location within designated zones as shown on the map. Your travels might take from few minutes to days – as long as you need a car at the lowest cost.

Here’s how it works:
• Download the app.
• Register – add your driving licence and payment card.
• Find a car, reserve it and unlock via app.
• Pay only for a time you use it – insurance, charging and maintenance are included in the cost.
• Earn eGO loyalty points for every trip with SPARK and redeem them for special rewards.

Now you can own electric car only by owning SPARK app. Download the app and enjoy zero-pollution travels in your city!


Versiune 2.33.2

This update brings bug fixes and improvements to make your SPARK experience even better!

Evaluări și recenzii

4,2 din 5
651 evaluări

651 evaluări

Alex Peptan ,

Mixed experience

Can be very convenient and cheaper than traditional car sharing options uber/bolt etc, but recently they introduced Dacia Spring and they have errors on starting the cars and the waiting times for calls to support sometimes exceed 10 minutes.
Sometimes, on closing the session, you are wrongly requested to close all the issues. A restart of application works in this case.
And other times you wait relatively long times - tens of seconds - for car to open.
They’d rather improve the software part of things soon.

Andrei95 ,

App not working on iOS 15

I’m an iOS developer myself. Not sure if this app is done natively or through some framework but oh boy the experience is not good. The last version does not allow me to add a driver licence because the driver licence screen is not showing up. The app crashes every time when I reach it. You cannot reserve a car, you cannot see another screen to complete your profile. This kind of bugs are rather unacceptable from a DEV and QA perspective.

I have an iPhone 13 and latest iOS but somehow these devs don’t offer support for the last version? If you’re reading this review, boys (and girls) you’re not doing a good job. It’s really unpleasant having your money taken for a voucher and not being able to complete your account. I can only imagine there are other people experiencing this issue.

I am waiting for this to be fixed and I might reconsider my review. Until then, I’m not recommending SPARK to any of my tech friends.

Răspunsul dezvoltatorului ,

Hi Andrei,

Thank you for the review. We are very sorry about your bad experience.

The previous version (v2.15.0) has an issue where some users cannot complete registration due to the app crashing when trying to add the driver’s license.
We have fixed this and an update (v2.15.1) is now available on the App Store.

We hope you will give SPARK a second chance. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

Andreiwrer ,

Worst customer experience ever

Good service until you have tech problem and you have to use their customer support.

It happend me twice to have an issue with closing the session. First time, I left the car and called them to inform about it. The told me that I shouldnt leave the key in the car ever when this happens. A lot of stress because I had a meetiing. Today, same issue, I notified via app, about the issue - they have a special button. Nothing happend, I took the car key as I learned from the last experience, went home because i was with my 3 year old crying, it is 8PM. Called after one hour they told me that I can not just leave the car with the key and that there is no error and I need to return the key imediatly. In the end it worked to close the session, asked for a refund for the extra time I couldnt use the service. They said that is not possible.

Never again!

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