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Metronome - Beats Tempo Tap is a powerful tool that helps musician who needs a metronome for practice, daily exercise.
It's a perfect app for drummers, guitarists and pianists.

** Design for serious musicians **

Even if you play guitar, Drums, Violin, or any other instrument.
You need a reliable device that accurately presents the tempo for each played song?
and also you want to have full control tempo over your song?

This Metronome App can help you!

Our metronome app will become a close friend of every musician who needs a metronome for daily exercise.
It's a perfect app for drummers, guitarists and pianists. Also dancing and many other activities.

Metronome - Beats Tempo Tap have 2 user interface for you
1. Digital Metronome: for simple using.
2. Classic analog metronome: for classic look and realistic pendulum motion.

** How to use. **
that's simple and convenient to use. Set the tempo,
1. using the weight which is located at the pendulum in classic analog metronome screen, rotate tempo tuner in digital metronome screen.
2. For greater precision in the selection of the tempo, there are "+1" and "-1" buttons.
3. Adjust music time signature
4. Adjust to other sound of metronome by you want by tap "sound" button.
5. Open vibration if you want to feel the beats by tap "setting" button.
6. To start or to stop the beats, simply tap on play/stop button.
7. For Set of find beats per minute, tab on "tab" button 4 times.

- Precise and intuitive, beautiful user interface.
- 7 metronome sounds included: classic metronome, Hi Hat, Clap, Cowbell, Bell, Drum1, Drum2.
- Adjustable volume.
- Adjustable ON/OFF vibration.(for playing loud instruments or when you need to FEEL the beats)
- Tempo tuning from 20 to 240 BPM (Beats Per Minute).
- Adjustable Tempo, time signature (T.S.)
- Tap 4 times to set the BPM.
- Displays the Tempo number (BPM) and show terms name.
- Universal app – supported on phones and tablets.

By using Metronome - Beats Tempo Tap, you'll be closer to be perfect musician in soon.

Что нового

Версия 1.01

- Fix Bug.

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5.0 из 5
Оценок: 2

Оценок: 2

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