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Grade crossing is one of the most significant transitions in our lives, both child and parent.
This transition involves many changes and requires a high degree of readiness and maturity in several respects -
Cognitive, physiological, emotional and social.
With technological development changes ways of learning and children's access to educational material.
The application prepares the child to learn math,
By a combination of advanced Tclogy teaching methods and practice with them would run in the first grade.
The use of application preparation for first grade allows independent learning skills improvement,
While learning and fun.
The application helps first-grade children to develop quantitative reasoning skills,
Mental competence to understand and practice the concepts of basic account,
Generalization, comparison, understanding the sequence, improvement and practice math skills.

In addition to day practice account was a nuisance and had to be done only at a table.
Today you can make it anywhere ....

The application includes exercises:
I count from 1 to 10
Variety of paintings displayed randomly when you count to 10

I count from 1 to 20
Variety of paintings displayed randomly when you count to 20

Worth a great
Need to compare two groups of paintings and what their ratio

Connecting subtraction to 10
Connection between the two groups of paintings billings to 10

Connecting to 20
Connection between the two groups of paintings billings to 20

Completion of the series of numbers where each time missing three different numbers in different locations in the series

Chain exercises to 10
Exercises chain connection of 3 numbers, one of which is missing the result that exceeds the number 10
What's New in this Version modified design
Added to applause after successfully solving exercise

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Версия 2.2

iphonex ipadpro update


rana nir
19.3 МБ

Требуется iOS 8.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.



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