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645 PRO Mk III has been designed, from the ground up, for professional and serious amateur photographers. So it works the way a camera works—and it’s the most powerful camera app we’ve ever seen!

You have instant access to everything that can be controlled on an iOS camera.

That means fully manual exposure control, as well as semi-automatic Shutter Priority and ISO Priority, together with fully automatic exposure with a choice of spot or matrix metering. Automatic and semi-automatic modes also include ±3 Ev. exposure compensation, while the on-screen meter lets you judge your manual exposures to perfection.

It means the choice of AWB or a selection of white balance presets—and even the ability to create and save a completely custom white balance.

And it means manual focus override—just swipe your finger up and down the viewfinder to control the lens position. And you even get focus-peaking to help you identify what will be in perfect focus!

And you have all the information you need, all the time, including real-time exposure metering, real-time ISO and shutter-speed readings, Ev, real-time GPS data and a choice of histograms. And many aspects of the interface can be customized, so you can—for example—configure the Shutter Release button to behave the way you want.


645 PRO Mk III combines the ultimate in lifelike "film look" output with the ability to save completely unprocessed image data at the highest quality possible—as Camera RAW.

Its gorgeous Film Modes are inspired by classic film stock as used by top photographers from the 1960s through to the present day—and if you want to edit them, and save custom, personalized films, you can. Meanwhile its unprocessed images are just that—ready for later post-processing or to be used "as is" for reportage.

Whether you shoot Film Mode, unprocessed or both, you have the choice to save in HI-Quality JPEG, MAX-Quality JPEG, or—for top image fidelity—TIFF.

And you have the option to shoot in one of seven formats, from square 6x6 to panoramic 6x17, all inspired by classic Medium Format cameras. Also inspired by film, you can add one of 21 Photo Filters, all with fully-adjustable densities.

You'll get photographs from your iPhone like you never imagined!

Drawing its inspiration from the obsession with quality embodied by top-end Medium Format film and digital cameras, 645 PRO Mk III exists purely to help you use your iPhone as a tool for composing, taking, saving and sharing the finest possible photographs.

"645 PRO takes the best iPhone photos you have ever seen"
-- Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac

"My number 1 camera replacement app"
-- Glyn Evans, iPhoneography.com

"If you’re looking for a camera app which leans toward a professional pallet of tools, then 645 PRO is certainly the best there is"
-- Ben Reid, Redmond Pie

"Not only do you get what is arguably the best, serious-shooter, camera for the iPhone but you also get a level of customer care, devotion and attention to detail that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere on the App Store. In short: 645 PRO is a steal. Buy it today!"
-- Aaron Stanley, Appsolute Reviews

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Версия 5.14

Release 5.14
* Bug fix: User Guide works again...
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Оценки и отзывы

4.1 из 5
Оценок: 7

Оценок: 7

Алексей Дениско ,

Неплохо, но...

Программа отличная, радует возможность ручных настроек и, действительно, в результате, более качественно сделанные снимки.
1. Не очень удобно, что файлы jpeg и tiff находятся в разных местах
2. Приложение просто стремительно сажает батарею телефона (4s). Пока делаешь несколько снимков, изчезает сразу процентов 10-20. Так что надо следить, если снимаешь утром или днем, а зарядного устройства нет под рукой. До вечера тогда телефон не доживет.

Ну а в целом-очень полезная прога, думаю, что было бы очень неплохо, если бы сделали аналогичное приложение для работы с видео, чтобы во время с'емки можно было регулировать параметры.

egobra1n ,

No functional updates for half a year

1) It’s very difficult to take managed with settings quickly.
2) There is no option to set shutter speed less then 1/15

Gaponenko id ,

Восхитительная программа

В отличаи от всех остальных фотопрограмм(камера плюс) реально вмешивается в процесс до сьемки. Качество фото Реально выше стандартных.
Фото гасыщенные и резкие. Занимают по 10 мб.

З.ы. Работаю фотографом 5 лет


Michael Hardaker
9.6 МБ
Фото и видео

Требуется iOS 10.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.



299 р.


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