Abi: A Robot's Tale 4+

Lilith Games

Разработано для iPad

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= PocketGamer Big Indie Pitch Asian Division Winner=
= IMGA Selected Game=
= Indieplay, Excellence at Visual Art, Nominee =
“Great example of storytelling and point and click genres…Absolutely loved it.” --PocketGamer

With the pace of technological development, our lives increasingly rely on machines. But is that a good thing?

Technology can lead us astray, but it can also be our redemption…
One day in the distant future, the obsolete household robot Abi finds the hibernating industrial robot DD, and together they escape the warehouse in which they have been locked away. Once they get out, they discover that humans have mysteriously disappeared from the earth. Where did the humans go and what can explain their disappearance? It’s up to you, Abi, and DD to find out.
In this one-of-a-kind and mysterious world, you will experience:
-Unique gameplay. Switch between the two main characters and unlock the secrets of this intriguing world by solving puzzles.
-Stunning artwork throughout, depicting an abandoned yet surprisingly beautiful world.
-Musical Score by well-known composer creates an immersive experience.
-A moving and thought-provoking story
-An intriguing post-apocalyptic journey


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Версия 5.1.4

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Оценки и отзывы

4,5 из 5
Оценок: 57

Оценок: 57

{Ptaha} ,


You more than a year promise the localization, but I don't know what do I do. Whether to wait for the Russian language? I don't know to start to pass the game completely.

Ответ разработчика ,

Thanks for your feedback, we will collect your suggestion to our team for a consideration and we will keep optimizing the language version.

AntonM5K ,

Классная атмосферная игра

Игра понравилась, интересная сюжетная линия в стиле постапокалипсис, качественная музыка. Жанр - квест в большей степени.
Сильно затягивает.
Жаль, что такая короткая
Нет русского языка
Жду продолжения
Своих денег стоит

Ответ разработчика ,

Hi there, thank you for taking time giving us this comment. We will consider to add Russian language in the near future and are working hard to come up with some new chapters soon. Please keep tuned. Thank you.

Tigra!!! ,


Отличная игра, очень понравилась. Один минус. Очень короткая, прошёл за пару часов. Хотелось бы продолжения.

Ответ разработчика ,

Thank you so much for your comment and it's a great pleasure that you like our game. We are considering to add more chapters in the near future, please keep tuned. We will always try our best to bring you better gameplay. Thanks for your understanding.

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