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Designed as a resource for developers, Action RPG is a third-person hack-and-slash game built from the ground up to help you learn more about how to use Unreal Engine 4 to develop high-end mobile games.

Recently shipping alongside Unreal Engine 4.20 is the Action Role Playing Game (Action RPG or ARPG) sample project. As the name suggests, Action RPG is a fast-paced, third-person hack-and-slash game that was built from the ground up to help developers learn more about how to use UE4 to develop high-end mobile games.

Inside of the Action RPG sample project and accompanying documentation you will find a wide range of topics that any UE4 developer will find useful. Some of the topics that this sample covers are.

Utilizing C++ and Blueprints together in a UE4 project.
Setting up and using certain aspects of UE4's Ability system.
How to support multiple platforms.

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Что нового

Версия 1.2.0

Updated AI Movement speed.
Updated AI targeting.
Souls now give a random amount of XP.
Fixed a few issues with UI scaling.
Player Character will now turn red when damaged.
Player Character will turn blue when souls are awarded.

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Оценок: 5

Оценок: 5

Saskare ,


Ужасен. Сама идея создания хороша но реализация оставляет желать лучшего

Paul Nevada ,

Epic is Epic - keep it up!

I learn the UE4 and such an examples are simply awesome when they come out! Thanks a lot, Epic!!!!! :)

БЕСПЛАТНЫЙ бургер за промокод ,

Вылетает всегда при запуске

Вылетает всегда при запуске, iPhone 5s

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