Advisory Weather 4+

Marco Tenback

Разработано для iPad

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This beautiful designed Weather and Light-tracker App is popular under Photographers, Videographers and Drone (UAV) pilots who're depending on Weather and Light conditions to shoot beautiful Images and Video's. Sporters are using this App to detect to most optimum time to do your outdoors workouts.

Create your own Weather Advise within your own boundaries (set your own max).
The data is beautifully displayed in a graph and even on your Watch.

Data currently provided:
* Week and hourly forecast
* Weather conditions
* Temperature
* Windspeed
* Precipitation (rain, snow etc)
* Solar Activity (Kp: Northern Light photography and GPS disturbance detection)
* Visibility
* Sunset/Sunrise
* Golden light, Blue hour and most beautiful moments to visit a location
* Background location tracking for your local weather advisory (1)

Hope you enjoy the App and if you have feedback or App suggestions please let us know. We're already working on the next version, stay tuned...

(1) "Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."

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Версия 1.3.1

Support of the new screen resolutions

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