AR Tutor - Wardrobe 4+

Егор Kozlovsky

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AR Tutor is an interactive educational tutorial that utilizes augmented reality technology for:
○ Formation and development of understanding the
○ Social adaptation of young people with mental disabilities.
○ Formation and improvement of the speech.
○ Training on how to stay focused.
The training manual is a course that helps to learn how to properly dress up based on the seasons and the social situations.
The application offers 2 augmented reality modules that are activated by using interactive cards available for download inside the application and also on the website.
The effectiveness of augmented reality lies in the simultaneous impact on all channels that help people to obtain information - audio (music, verbal support), visual (drawings, animation) and kinesthetic (manipulation of a smartphone or tablet).
It could be used in home as well as in professional environments by educational, rehabilitation and medical institutions.
AR Tutor is recommended for people with the following disorders:
○ Autism spectrum disorders and other types of mental disorders.
○ Speech impediment
○ Attention Deficit Disorder.
The application consists of a six-step training process.
○ Educational cartoon. In the cartoon, the character describes the season or
a social situation and then walks you through the exercise on how to dress properly for for every occasion.
○ Sequence training exercise. This exercise verifies an ability to assimilate the information which is provided by the cartoon character. The child follows the instructions and selects a proper outfit in the correct order for the specific occasion.
○ Differentiation exercise. In this exercise the user must dress up the character in the correct order which corresponds with the season or situation that is being studied. The bonus to this exercise is that the child is given an opportunity to independently make their own outfit choices.
○ Testing. A season or situation is set and a number of pictures are presented, the child must choose those that correspond with the season or the situation.
○ Sorting. Here is where transition from the game to reality takes place. The user selects real clothing items to be sortied, then marks the location where they need to be placed (drawers, shelves, floor or chair, Etc.,) using special stickers or interactive cards. Once the stage is set, users will scan the stickers or interactice cards to identify the proper storage location for each of the clothing items and then place them in there.
○ Going for a walk exercise. It is advisable to play this game right before leaving the house. The character and child will dress together. They will need to choose the clothing items in the correct order that correspond with the season.
The application is intended for parents and teachers dealing with children with mental disabilities.

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Версия 1.2

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