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b&p Card is the innovative and only App that allows you to create, reproduce, collect and share your business and personal digital cards, with a simple and traditional proximity hand gesture!
b&p Card is designed and studied to properly recreate and better the real life needs of a printed business or personal card by keeping and maintaining all the printed business and personal cards features.

Business and Personal:
With b&p Card you can create or reproduce your business and personal digital card easily and in just few seconds: start from selecting a template from many available, type your personal information and then customize the style as you prefer, thru our Advance Card Composer.
Cards are digital but will have all the features of a real world business card that will allow you to reproduce your existing cards but with the innovative performace of the Active Fields that will allow you to call, send e-mails and locate your contac directly from the cards you have recieved and stored in your phone.

You can exchange your business and personal card easily, just select your card from the card’s list and slide it up towards your receiver. The receiver, that will be near you as if you were exchanging a printed business card in a real life scenario, will receive the card with all your information and will be able to save them in his/hers archive, together with all the innovative Active Fields that he/she will be able to select at any time to call you, write you e-mails or find your exact location.

Stores, Hotels, Restaurants and Bars:
b&p Card also features the QR Code for any store, hotel, restaurant or bar that is willing to provide the service to their customers to collect their business card and store them in their phones or just enable the “Store Mode” and allow your visitors to collect your business card from your tablet device and to deposite their own business or personal cards with just a finger swipe!
Customers will be then able to keep the business card in their phones and use the innovative Active Field service to easily call, e-mail or locate their favourite spots easily and at any time they desire by using b&p Advance Archive.

Expositions and Events:
b&p Card is also designed and studied for expostions and events.
Just enable the “Store Mode” and allow your visitors to collect your business card from your tablet device and to deposite their own business or personal cards with just a finger swipe!
At the end of the exposition or event you will avoid any extra expenses, to dedicate resources to collect your visitor’s information, by logging in to your personal account at the b&p website (www.bnpcard.com) and easily export in an Excel spread sheet all the information of the persons who visited your stand or event

Create or reproduce your Business or Personal digital card (Fully customizable cards-information and style with our Advance Card Composer – Add Images and/or Logo);
Exchange your Business or Personal card with the proximity and easy hand gesture that will allow you to keep the traditional introductional manner;
Collect all the cards you received in the b&p Advance Archive (Archive Advanced Search - you can search between all informations of all cards);
Take advantage of the b&p innovative Active Fields (Active Digital Business Cards) that will allow you to call, send e-mails or locate any of your contact thru a simple tap on the card information;
Add in "Phone Contacts” all Card Infromation;
Possible Exchanges via Hand Swipe or QR Code for Stores, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars or Expositions and Events (customers will be able to call, send e-mails or find you through our innovative Active Fields features);
Cloud Sync (cards and exchanges are synchronized in all your devices and in you b&p web site’s account);
Invite your Friend via e-mail function (just if the receiver does not yet have a b&p Card account);
Buy directly In-App extra exchanges

GPS running in the background can decrease battery life

Что нового

Версия 2.0.2

In this version:
- Bug fix

Version 2.0
- Added the possibility to share the business cards not only via e-mail but also via Whatsapp, text message, Facebook, LinkedIn and others;
- Added new fonts: now you can select a bigger selection of fonts to create or reproduce your card;
- Added new text fields: now you can insert more information on your business card;
- The procedure to create the business cards has upgraded: you can create or reproduce better and fester your card;
- Bug Fix and optimization for iOS11 and iPhone X


90.4 МБ

Требуется iOS 9.3 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.


английский, итальянский

Встроенные покупки
  1. ULTRA BASIC 149 р.
  2. START UP 299 р.
  3. FREELANCER 699 р.


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