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Bumpr is a handy, beautiful Mac app that lets you choose where to open links. Anytime you click on a web link, a compact, elegant menu pops up right in place and lets you choose which browser to open that link with. Bumpr also works with mail links.

Bumpr is particularly effective if you use more than one browser to run separate Google accounts, for cross-browser testing, to keep certain kinds of browsing activities restricted to certain browsers, and more. Its email handling is great if you use separate email clients for different email accounts.

It’s incredibly simple but incredibly powerful. Give it a try today!

Что нового

Версия 1.2.0

Bumpr 1.2.0 is a major update that brings many requested features:
* Custom browser rules: always open up specific domains with specific browsers.
* Browser plugins for Safari and Chrome: click on links in one browser to open them in another.
* Keyboard shortcuts: just press a number key to launch any browser from the Bumpr menu.
* And a few more fixes and improvements.

Also—your feedback has been amazing! Please email us at help@getbumpr.com for anything you think we can do better.

Оценки и отзывы

4.7 из 5
Оценок: 3

Оценок: 3

denyskorolkov ,

The app does web surfing faster

Scott Ostler did a useful app. Thanks a lot for that but for me this is useless because I have a google account for work and have a personal google account. I always open two instances chrome browsers one is for work and second is for web surfing. The problem is I cannot choose where to open a link (in work chrome or personal chrome instance). Bumpr opens the link in the last active chrome instance. The rest functionality is excellent.

@pochivalov ,

Add more e-mail clients

With browsers app is working well. But if you don't use Apple Mail, this app is not so helpful.

Dear developer, please add support for Newton, Airmail, Spark… And maybe “Copy e-mail” button in Bumpr menu will be helpful too. Thanks in advance.


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