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CDBiNet is the ultimate new online banking experience being offered to our valued customers. Why waste time travelling and standing in queues when all your banking is at your fingertips? Pay bills, transfer funds, open new accounts and conduct a variety of transactions without any hassle. CDBiNet is the best financial partner you can have with you at all times, meeting your financial needs while on the go.

If you already have a savings account with CDB, sign up online by visiting our website followed by a visit to the nearest CDB branch to activate your account.

Key Features:
• Omni Channel: Based on CORA framework, Apps can be configured once & accessed from different channels like Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.
• Rich & Intuitive UX: Offers a Rich user experience based on Apps & Workspaces that focus on customer and account context throughout the experience
• Ease of Integration: Powered by the FT Messaging Hub, which enables easy integration with Bank’s existing systems and Bank’s third party systems
• Robust Security: Robust security management framework enabled through ARX, Polaris’ integrated suite of security services that provides end-to-end security at a low cost and minimal effort
• Multiple Customer Segments: Personalized Role based App configuration for bank’s different customer segments.
• Multi Entity for Global Deployments: Multi Entity architecture can support Bank’s Global branches & new expansion plans
Benefits / Value propositions:
• Higher Customer Satisfaction: Providing a superior App-driven customer experience
• Higher Productivity: Superior integration capability to deliver more STP transactions
• Higher Return on Investment: Single platform that enables Omni-Channel capability and lowers channel transaction cost
• Proven and Scalable performance: Performance benchmarking by IBM with a target for 20,000 concurrent users

Что нового

Версия 2.9

This version of the CDBiNet Mobile Banking App 2.9 includes:

1). Enhanced security standards
2). Minor bug fixes and enhancements

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