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This Cuckoo Clock Edition of ClockZone is a fun version of the normal time-keeping utilities. It is themed around an old fashion cuckoo house with real moving parts.

The Cuckoo Clock Edition of ClockZone triggers the Cuckoo Bird every hour on the hour and also contains Quarter hour chimes for every 15 minutes.

The Cuckoo Clock Edition of ClockZone can also be used to track everyday time events using the additional built-in stopwatch and countdown timers.

The Cuckoo Clock contains a night-mode, which changes after 7 pm. The cuckoo house lights up with night-time lights.

The Cuckoo Clock Edition of ClockZone has multiple options to change behaviors, like clock-tips, audio on/off, reminder handling, remove chirps, change alarm type, night/day modes, etc.

Animated Watch - Cuckoo House with animated pendulum weights and cuckoo bird.
Stopwatch Timer - Forward timer to keep track of timed events.
Countdown Timer - Backward timer to track events which expire; for example, cheerleading practice, high-school activities, classroom quizzes, cooking recipes, etc.
Night/Day Mode - The Cuckoo Clock automatically changes the background to night-mode to reduce glare, while turning on the lights on the Cuckoo house.
Countdown Reminder - Reminder sent to the iPhone as reminder a countdown timer is about to expire.
Countdown Alarms - Two audio bird alarms to remind the user the countdown timer expired.
Glow Hands - Optional Glow hands for Timer modes vs Clock mode.
Two Alarms - Two alarms which use real life bird sounds.
Chirp Mode - The ability to tell the Cuckoo not to chirp.
Timer Background State - Timers are able to continue running while user changes to other iPhone applications.
Direct Control - Control the operations of the clock through the Rudder on the clock.

Что нового

Версия 1.0.2

What Changed;

1) Support for iOs13 for iPhones and iPads.
2) Update MarketingUrl or Developers-Website link; http://cuckooe3.temporalwars.com/.


Ben Scharbach
60.1 МБ

Требуется iOS 11.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.

459 ₽


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