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The Pool-Table ClockZone edition contains a small pool-table game. It also comes with the usual Countdown and Stopwatch timers. It contains an AI Guy, allowing you to play a game against this opponent. Or, you can play many practice games with the default green pool-table; or the in-app purchasable tan-theme’s red-royal table.

Similar to the Egyptian Pyramids, each pool game starts with a pyramid of balls. It is up to the pool table warrior, with their warrior stick, to break control of the wooden pyramid and release the energy within. At the start of each game, the player is presented with their wooden stick proudly laid on the table. Take the warrior’s stick and command your destiny.

Once a pool table warrior skills are perfected, the warrior should advance to the royal red table. The royal red table provides a luxury which is a step beyond their normal reality. The royal red table is built from a darker rich Macassar Ebony wood. It is surrounded by a solid firm silver rim and finished with a luster polish. The royal red table deserves honor and respect; which only a prestige warrior can provide.

Once a player is practiced, one must advance to the AI Guy’s realm. Sitting at 5’9” tall, the AI Guy might look un-menacing, but his command of the stick is unmatched. The AI Guy is capable of dramatic knick-shots, with the ability to drop a ball at angles not easily obtained. And the AI Guy likes to vary his different styles when hitting the balls, while showing off ranges of motion and power. But, the AI Guy can also be reduced to a tamed mellow challenge using the easy-mode, located in the app-settings.


Pool-Table - Play a game of pool with the built-in 9ft solid oak pool-table.
AI Cards - The AI Guy likes to slide into your game, to show-off his professional pool attire. [AI Guy Token Required]
AI Voice - The AI Guy is not shy! He loves to let you know how the game is progressing. [AI Guy Token Required]
Countdown timer - The AI Guy likes to use ball calculations from the pool-table universe to track your important countdowns - but, now and then, you might find the AI Guy tossing these controls away.
Stopwatch timer - The AI Guy uses a series of ball combinations, carefully placed on-top of the table to track the passing time.
Countdown Notification - Notification sent to the iPhone OS as reminder a countdown timer is about to expire.
Tips/Help - It also contains quick tips throughout the application that can be disabled from the settings window.

InApp Purchases;

Tan Theme - [In App] - Purchase the TanTheme to unlock the royal red pool table. It also provides different background colors and tip styles.
AI Guy Token - [In App] - Purchase a Token to get 9-games to challenge the AI Guy in a game of pool.

Что нового

Версия 1.1.0

> New: Add six new stick animations for the AIGuy player.
> New: Updated the AIGuy token to give 9-games per token.
> Updated: Add restore option for the TanTheme InApp purchase.
> Updated: On scratches the cue-ball is added back to the table after most balls come to a stop or when 10-seconds pass.
> Updated: The AIGuy will pick the closest pocket value was 65; now uses 130 with table-scale per device adjustment.
> Fix: Tip lines remained after 'Tip' setting was turned off.
> Fix: 8-Ball game-over rule triggered at 1-ball left incorrectly.
> Fix: Player hits last ball on table and 8-ball simultaneously caused "Game Won" error.


Ben Scharbach
108.7 МБ

Требуется iOS 11.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.

Редко/умеренно встречающиеся сквернословие или грубый юмор
1 490 ₽
Встроенные покупки
  1. AI Guy Token 229 ₽
  2. Tan Theme 229 ₽


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