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“Cortex Camera Takes Great Low Light iPhone Photos”

“In my experience, I found that Cortex Camera greatly reduced noise in low-light conditions. And I was able to get crisp shots without the need for a stand or tripod.”

Cortex Camera improves on your device’s already excellent camera to achieve quality that rivals a DSLR. It combines dozens of exposures to create a single noise free, high resolution photo. If you want the best quality for a static scene and you aren't carrying a bulky DSLR with you, Cortex Cam is an excellent alternative.

PLEASE NOTE that while a tripod is not required, the camera must be held steady and your subject must be still for the duration of the exposure, which takes 2-10 seconds with default settings.

In addition to the image quality benefits mentioned above, Cortex Cam also enables long exposure effects such as motion blur and soft water. Switch off the "remove motion blur" option to capture these effects.

Cortex Cam is all about achieving the best image quality possible on a mobile device. It uses RAW data (when available) to increase sharpness and image detail. Professional exposure controls (including shutter priority, ISO priority, and full manual) enable great photos even in the most challenging lighting situations. It may not replace your DSLR (or the default camera app for that matter), but for certain situations you will find it indispensable.

- Advanced image processing techniques combine information from multiple frames to remove noise and increase resolution.
- Motion compensation enables hand-held long exposure photography.
- The “enhance shadows” option brightens dark areas of your photos without making them look unnatural or processed.
- Uses RAW data as input to increase sharpness and image detail (iPhone 6s and above).
- Supports JPEG or TIFF file formats.
- Supports telephoto lens on iPhone 7 plus and above.
- Manually choose to combine 10-99 frames or let Cortex Cam automatically determine number of frames.
- Includes support for front camera, shutter timer, and grid overlay.
- Most of all, image quality! The majority of development time has been spent on making image quality unreasonably good for a mobile device.

Image resolution depends on which device you’re using:

iPhone 6s, 6s plus: 19 megapixels
iPhone 7 and above: 27 megapixels

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Что нового

Версия 2.18

- Fixed video input

*** Version 2.17 ***

- Further improved color balance, especially when combining more than 50 frames
- Remove motion blur is now off by default
- Restored RAW / Video input switch on certain iPad models

*** Version 2.16 ***

- Improved image quality and color balance in very low light conditions
- Fixed an issue that could prevent the exposure progress bar from displaying
- Fixed an advanced exposure control issue that caused light metering updates to stop
- Prevented screen from sleeping during very long exposures

*** Version 2.15 ***

Support for iPhone X, XS, and XR:
- Optimized for large screens
- Fixed telephoto lens on XS
- Adjusted exposure for new sensor
General Improvements:
- Improved noise reduction when a large gain is applied during image processing
- Fixed several exposure control and layout issues
- Reduced stuttering sound during exposure
- Exposure settings are now saved when the app is closed
- Restored full resolution photos in image browser

Оценки и отзывы

3,7 из 5
Оценок: 101

Оценок: 101

Tornt ,

Not so good as previously

Friends, several years ago you did wonderful app. I used it and was happy.
Now the image quality not so good. I’d say, the quality is poor than standard camera (i have iphone 7 plus). No updates for 1 year!
Please do not forger your app and make it great. Again.

А***Т***Н ,


Можно снимать на длинной выдержке. Это бомба! Да, тем, кому "медленно", это же естественно, как иначе это будет работать?! Понятно, что лучше со штатива или иначе фиксировать телефон, чтобы не "размазывалось" (особенно, когда совсем темно). Я довольна, спасибо за приложение!

knyazev5 ,


Приложение делает очень качественные файлы, красивые, приятная картинка с хорошей тональностью и динамическим диапазоном, без применения дополнительной резкости и фильтров.
Для пейзажей и статики супер.
Если вы привыкли к raw с зеркалки, вам понравиться изображение.
В условиях низкого освещения понадобиться штатив.
Приложение делает серию снимков (10-99) и из них собирает 1 файл. Без видимого эффекта hdr.
Настроек не очень много.
Режимы: авто, приоритет выдержки, коррекция экспозиции.

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