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The food drink combination has a profound effect on your overall experience, either good or bad. If paired correctly, your drink will compliment your food and add to your enjoyment.

That’s what Delipair AF application is about. Its food and drink pairing engine automatically makes recommendation by creating aromatic fingerprint for your food and assessing the strength of aromatic bridge between food and each drink it knows.

To create food aromatic fingerprint Delipair AF uses knowledge gained through (machine) learning ingredients and aromatic molecules of 1.3 million recipes from cuisines all around the world. That way you can simply enter a dish name straight from the restaurant menu or online cooking website and Delipair AF will decipher its aromatic fingerprint. It works with ingredient names, or mix of dish names and ingredients as well.

Based on our research of online sources we created a list of popular mocktails, juices, refreshers and diary free drinks to pair with food. Delipair AF version 1.0 offers food pairing with:

- 39 popular mocktails,
- 17 juices,
- 16 bubbles and refreshers,
- 4 diary free drinks.

It was our goal to make Delipair AF as easy and friendly to use as possible. This application works 100% offline. Therefore you can get the recommendation instantly, without the need of WiFi or cellular data plan and without waiting for a server to respond.

We also value your privacy, therefore we don't collect any data you enter into our application.

Last, but not least, when you buy Delipair AF application you instantly get access to all the features and future updates.

We do hope our application will enhance your dining experience and will introduce you to a rich and flavoursome world of alcohol free drinks. Cheers!


Projektant Ltd
24.5 МБ
Еда и напитки

Требуется iOS 13.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.



Редко/умеренно встречающиеся сцены с использованием или упоминанием алкогольной и табачной продукции или наркотических средств
75 ₽


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