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Desktop Director is a utility application to help you manage your desktop.

1. Desktop Director can gather your files or folders in the desktop by using the build-in rules (i.e. the "Import Buildin Group" menu item) or the rules provided by you (i.e. the "New Group" menu item), then these files or folders will be shown in a translucence window, you can search items you want in the window, at the same time, you also can preview, open each item etc. just like you do in Finder.

2. All windows can be dragged and dropped freely to change their position and size, Desktop Director can give you enough suggestion in this process. At the same time, you can make any of them minimum to save the space in your desktop. Of course, you can close any of them if you think you don't need them anymore.

3. Desktop Director can change your desktop background by using the play/stop button in the right-bottom corner of your desktop, you can control the time interval of change, the play order etc. (i.e. the "Desktop Background Settings" menu item).

Что нового

Версия 1.1.1

Update the help content to make sure user can find the managed desktop folder in their MAC easily and correctly.


Shugang Guo
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OS X 10.11 и новее, 64-разрядный процессор


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