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Exam coming up in a few days and you're trying to get your learner's permit or license as fast as possible? Feeling unmotivated and desperate after already failing once? Moved to a state that requires a retest, or just need to renew and brush up on laws that have changed?

We know that you just want to pass. That’s why we created DMV Genie: it's designed to help you learn everything you need to know and get your permit or license as quickly as possible. It's easy to use and has 600+ state-specific questions written by curriculum experts, vetted by DMV officials and seen on the official exams. Let us help you breeze through your exam and walk out of the DMV, feeling like you just took a first-grade spelling test. Get it today: our users swear that these questions are nearly identical to the real exam.

Downloads: 4.87 Million
Ratings: 133.9K
Average rating: 4.8 out of 5

DMV Genie is more than just a practice test app. It's the evolution of personalized driver education, the new gold standard in exam prep and the only program recommended by DMVs and driving instructors. From day one, our unique guided study system nudges you in the right direction, corrects you in real time and motivates you to get better until you're fully prepared.

The program is broken down into short modules allowing learners to take it one step at a time when they have a few minutes to study.

Who is it for:

1) When you only have a few days to prepare and need your permit or license ASAP.
When your test is coming up so soon, you don't really have time to read the manual from cover to cover. You just want to prepare quickly so you can be done and gone. Get DMV Genie if you have at least one day before your exam, but would like to avoid the painful boredom of DMV manuals.

2) When you have plenty of time before the exam and can’t leave anything to chance.
When you've started early and want to fully learn the rules of the road, you need a LOT of extra practice. If you've tried reading the manual, you'll know that it's poorly organized, overly verbose and lacks the visual explanations. A guided and well-structured program with a regularly updated question bank works much better for retention. DMV Genie's in-depth interactive study system is a lot more involved than just reading the guide or aimlessly watching Youtube videos.

3) When you've failed your knowledge exam before.
When you've been struggling to pass on your own and your previous attempt was unsuccessful, you need a different approach. Something that will help you retain the information better and won't leave you feeling desperately insecure. Get DMV Genie if you want to be over-prepared and to build confidence with increasing difficulty levels as you cover every topic you'll be tested on. You'll have full access to everything our program offers, including the tricky questions that no one really talks about, like "how close to railroad tracks can you park your car" vs. "how far from railroad tracks do you stop your car when a train is going by". These kinds of nuanced differences are made clear and easy. You'll also go over the more difficult issues so you could memorize things like keeping distances between cars when driving, and distances it takes to stop a car at certain speeds when driving.

What makes DMV Genie different?
• Industry-leading 95.2% success rate
• 73% more effective than the driver's manual alone, based on a nationwide survey.
• Covers all driving license classes and knowledge exam types
• Authentic DMV Exam Simulator
• Difficulty levels from Easy to Exam
• Personalized Challenge Bank™: a test that's automatically made up of your missed questions
• Detailed explanations
• Passing Probability: see your scores in real time.
• Driver's manual included

We've helped over four million drivers just like yourself get ready for their tests since 2010. Download it today and get behind the wheel in no time!

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- Emergency bug fix (8 Feb 2021)

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4.9 из 5
Оценок: 105

Оценок: 105

Djeday91 ,

Лучшее в своем роде

Все, что нужно в одном приложении

lizok_ ,

not real questions

the application is really good and I was prepared with it for the exam. But the questions in dmv are very different. The questions and the options of the answers. Don’t expect the same questions, do not learn questions by heart, try to study the theory.

Gcrosss ,


Very pleasant app

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