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Bring your dreams to life through the power of augmented reality! DoodleLens turns your flat sketchpad scribbles into interactive, animated AR characters, scenes, and stories!

• Advanced doodle copier
• Frame-by-frame animator
• Doodle editing & effects
• AR scene creator
• Video recorder
• Share your videos anywhere: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, or Tumblr

• Draw something
• Copy it with the camera
• Paste it back to reality
• Record and share

Can I copy images from a tablet or screen? Yes
Can I copy color images? Yes
Can I populate my neighborhood with packs of hand-drawn jurassic era dinosaurs? Yes, but be careful..

Remember to tag #DoodleLens when you share so we can see it and re-share it

Follow @DoodleApp on Instagram for daily doodles, contests, and tutorials

Time to unleash your imagination out into the world!

Что нового

Версия 1.2

The small incremental number change doesn't quite reflect how massive this DoodleLens update is - in fact, there's 33 new features, 15 design updates, and 100+ various improvements!

And what are some of those FEATURES you ask?

• Color!

Copy full color drawings from paper or screen @ItemPouch @opertura

• Scenes!

Save your AR scene and load it back up anywhere, anytime you need it

• Fill!

Make your line art stand out by automatically filling in the lines

• Eraser!

Easily remove unwanted junk from your doodles! @vantro @cynthia @Tumbke

(Eraser on animations coming next update)

• Audio!

Voice characters, narrate, even add music to your doodle videos @tanimayto

• Landscape video!

Flip your phone to the side to record cinematic landscape videos @antium

• Instagram Stories!

Share doodle videos instantly to your Instagram Story, with more share options coming soon

• Shadows!

Toggle on shadows to make your doodles look positively real

• Tutorials!

Scroll through the in-app tutorials and become a DoodleLens pro in no time

• Copy improvements!

Easily copy thin lines, blue pen, and art from your screen or tablet

• AR Feedback!

Easily scale and place doodles in augmented reality thanks to new visual feedback!

This may be the best version of DoodleLens yet, but we're just getting started - next update is focused on Community, so stay tuned!

Thank you to @sableRaph for your incredible feedback, 1.2 wouldn't be nearly as good without your ideas and input.

Also remember to tag #DoodleLens on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok so we can see it and share it!

Until next time, doodlefam!

- Aidan Wolf

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Оценок: 3

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