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Eocortex is professional software for modern video surveillance systems. It allows to ensure reliable protection of facilities and provides ample opportunities for the use of video analytics for automating various processes and for cost optimization.

To start working with Eocortex, it is required to purchase and install the software for managing a video surveillance system. Details are available at eocortex.com.

The Eocortex mobile app is a free addition to the desktop client of the software. The following features are available for use on a smartphone:
- viewing video in real time;
- viewing video archive;
- user-friendl PTZ camera control;
- audio stream support;
- digital zoom;
- simultaneous viewing of up to 15 cameras;
- saving video frames on a smartphone or a tablet PC;
- inhibition of sleep mode when the application is in operation;
- receiving push notifications regarding the events that have occurred in your video surveillance system using scenarios previously set up on the Eocortex server;
- creation of views: combining broadcasting of video from the selected cameras on the same screen for simultaneous viewing.

Only Eocortex offers an opportunity to get help with your cameras and the system from Eva, the first virtual assistant in the sphere of video surveillance. Eva offers a wide range of features for working with face recognition modules, can show images from the selected cameras and send system status reports (unfortunately, at this moment Eva is not available in the cloud and demo versions).

Take a sneak peek at how the application works! You can do it even if there’s no Eocortex system installed on your equipment – just use the in-built demo access to our video surveillance system.

We are always happy to see honest opinions!

If you have any suggestions, questions or recommendations, please write to us to ux@eocortex.com

Have you encountered an issue? Tell us at support@eocortex.com

Что нового

Версия 3.3.1

We strive to make Eocortex even more convenient and packed with features.
In the new version 3.3.1:
- Fixed bug with audio playback from cameras

In the new version 3.3 you will be able to do the following:
- Work with server and cloud-based products of Eocortex from the same app: we have added a capability to connect to an Eocortex Cloud account
- View higher quality video in the full-screen mode. During the viewing, you will be able to see the resolution of the transmitted video stream and change it
- Set up push notifications for all servers in the same place
- The Views panel has become larger and it is now more convenient to work with the views in the app
- The list-type grid now loads faster and consumes less resources

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Оценок: 6

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Thanks a lot 🥰

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It works, but demo server is unavailable

Ответ разработчика ,

Hello! Email us at support@eocortex.com and we'll see what the reason for the delay is. This usually doesn't happen.

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