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Diary recording of body temperature, measured with an external fever meter, with input field for symptoms of illness. Warning when body temperature exceeds 37.5°C. Diary recording of personal contacts. The data are logged with the current date and time stamp and are only stored on the smartphone. The app serves as proof of self-control towards employers and health authorities. If necessary, the data can be exported using a separate function.

Что нового

Версия 2.0

With this version we have introduced a contacts diary. The diary should help to remember the contacts of the past few days in case of illness. These people can be informed to limit the spread of the disease.
In addition, some UI adjustments were made in the app.

Конфиденциальность приложения

Разработчик RR Solutions KG Des Rudolf Rienzner &Co. не сообщил Apple о своей политике конфиденциальности и используемых им способах обработки данных. Подробные сведения доступны в политике конфиденциальности разработчика.

Нет сведений

Разработчик будет обязан предоставить сведения о конфиденциальности при отправке следующего обновления приложения.

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