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FilesOnTree Pro Lite - Tree File Explorer

You can manage document, eBook, music, voice memo, photo, video, text note and zip files in tree structure!

FilesOnTree is a file manager for iOS and it is similar to Windows Explorer.
You can carry over your Windows Explorer experience into iOS with FilesOnTree easily.

The app provides a Tree File Explorer which allows for expanding and showing all sub-folder files in the same view.
With intuitional design, you can find or create files quickly in FilesOnTree just like picking apples from apple trees.

The Lite version is with sponsored ads.
The app could not access other app's existing files. To manage files in tree structure, please add files to the app first.

Useful Features
1. Tree File Explorer.
2. Speak aloud 100+ voices (Pro).
3. iCloud Drive import & export support.
4. Speak aloud documents offline.
5. Copy and Paste to copy and upload files and folders.
6. New design UI with 25 themes.
7. Select multiple files and folders to Zip & Email.
8. Document (including eBook) viewer. View images, videos and play music in the same folder.
9. Show funny bear and human face animations while playing music. Display lever meters while playing music.
10. Add Tree and Voice Memo.

● Tree File Explorer
Expanding and showing sub folders and files in the same view.
Search for files and folders.
Add, Delete, and Rename files and folders.
Copy and Paste to copy and upload files and folders.
Drag & Drop to move files and folders.
Select multiple files and folders to Zip, Zip & Email, Email or Delete.
Scrollable menu.
Pull down to refresh the tree list.

● Speak aloud 100+ voices (Pro)

● Optional 70+ enhanced voices (In-App Purchases)

● Add Trees

● Add music, voice memo, photo, video and note files

● Zip & Unzip

● Show funny bear and human face animations while playing music

● Music player

● Image & Video viewer

● Document viewer
View, Print, Zip, Zip & Email, Email, Delete, Import and Export (Open In...) documents.

● Three ways to import documents
1. Open In...
2. Apple iTunes
3. The cloud services

● New design UI with 25 themes and font size support

● This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

Что нового

Версия 11.0

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

● 64-bit architecture
● Speaks aloud 100+ voices (upgrade to the system Text-to-Speech voices)
● remove WiFi file transfer, cloud files upload/download functions
● In-App Purchases updates
- upgrade to the system enhanced voices
- Enhanced English Voices: up to 14 enhanced English voices
- Enhanced British English Voices: up to 6 enhanced British English voices
- Enhanced Spanish Voices: up to 6 enhanced Spanish voices
- Enhanced Chinese Voices: up to 5 enhanced Chinese voices
- Enhanced Japanese Voices: up to 4 enhanced Japanese voices
- Enhanced Korean Voices: up to 2 enhanced Korean voices
- All Enhanced Voices (New): up to 70+ enhanced voices

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