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Снимки экрана (iPhone)


We're overwhelmed with the responses we've received so far with Flannl RAW Camera! Thank you for the feedback, the praise, and the enthusiasm. We're inspired by you!

Mobile photography just took a major leap forward. Flannl RAW Camera is the most gorgeous, powerful camera you can carry in your pocket. Flannl finally brings the power of true RAW to iPhone. Flannl's dead-simple one-handed operation means it has never been easier or faster to dial in the perfect exposure and capture your shot. Flannl Cam stores RAW images in a fully open Flannl DNG format. This means your best images can be opened by any DNG/RAW editor (in essence, any modern image editor).

In addition to true RAW capture, Flannl brings a whole new way to set your camera's manual settings. Get precise exposure control fast with the full-screen selector. Scroll left-right to choose the setting mode. These include Shutter Speed (Time), ISO, Focus, and White Balance. Then simply scroll up or down to adjust the settings for each mode. Need full auto? It's as easy as tapping the Exposure, Focus, or WB lock buttons to clear them.

Give Flannl RAW Camera a try. As a team of pro photographers ourselves, this is the best camera we could dream up for ourselves. We think you're going to love it!

COMPATIBILITY: While Flannl is designed to work on any iPhone running iOS 10, Apple hardware allow RAW capture on any phone with a 12MP camera. Today this list includes the following devices: iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus.

** Stay tuned for our upcoming social/sharing component to be released in the coming weeks. Start capturing your best images at the highest possible quality today. And be ready to share them with the world once we unveil Flannl Community.

*** Would you like to be a Flannl Ambassador, a select group of photographers who are pushing the bounds of mobile photography? Visit www.Flannl.com to request early access to our Darkroom Division and take a moment to share your photographic vision with us! ***

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Версия 1.3.8

Model Releases and photo sharing on Flannl.

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2,8 из 5
Оценок: 4

Оценок: 4

sveta2905 ,

Самое дубильное приложение

Я пароль и логин создавала минут 20! Пришлось набрать полный набор какой - то, простите, хрени, чтобы сработало . Нормальные логин и пароль - отклоняет . Какие - то последовательные знаки его не устраивают. Разработчики, вы с дуба рухнули? Ваши клиенты тупо удаляют приложение на моменте регистрации ! Зачем такие требования к паролю? Кого тут взламывать , ну это смешно просто !

Simbionix ,


Пустое приложение, которое ничего не умеет. Как из только в апстор держат, непонятно.

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