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Use your mobile device to view several 3d models, acquired via the photogrammetry technology. Photogrammetry is a technique that generates a 3D model from a series of pictures of an object. The creation of all the models from this application is broken down into 3 major steps:

Taking the photos. This part is the most important stage of the process, since the the quality of the final model is heavily depending on the technical quality of the photos.There's a lot of technique involved into how to take the photos, the gear to use, the lighting and how to choose and prepare the subject that you want to capture.
Generating the raw model. After the the shooting session, we'll post-process the raw photos and then use a photogrammetry application to generate a raw high-res (~ 15 Mil polygons) model.
Post-Processing the model. From the raw model we'll manually generate a low polygon model (mobile ready). After this, we'll generate the UV mapping for the low polygon model and then we'll scan the albedo, normal and ambient occlusion textures. The specular texture is manually done and the albedo/normal textures are adjusted in respect to the art direction.

For this application, we're using Image Based Lighting, from environment cube-maps, to lighten the models which makes them more integrated into the scene.

FUN labs is a video game developer from Bucharest, Romania founded in 1999. For more than 16 years, FUN labs has adapted to different types of games - moving from PC to console and covering game genres from outdoor adventures to online multiplayer, to motorcycle racing, to rail 3rd person shooters and more.

Что нового

Версия 1.1

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

* Bug fixes
* Frame-rate improvement
* Camera sensors-based rotation

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