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Introducing the Smart Gallery Photo Viewer and Gallery Video Viewer – your gateway to an unlimited world of captivating memories. Imagine effortlessly showcasing your cherished photos and videos to friends and beyond, all with a touch of elegance and security.

Embrace the magic of the Gallery for Photos & Video app, your ultimate haven for preserving and admiring visuals. Unlike any other, this app brings your images and videos together under one virtual roof. With a touch of your fingers, organize, enhance, and share your digital treasures with flair.

Unveil the secret to guarding your memories with the Gallery Lock feature. Encrypt your images and videos, allowing you to keep your personal collection hidden from prying eyes. It's your very own digital vault.

Experience the HD Gallery – a place where your snapshots come to life, beautifully framed in albums. Be the curator of your own world, selecting the best shots and storing them in enigmatic envelopes, ready to be revealed at your command.

Step into the realm of the Gallery Explorer, where your photographs are no longer scattered across devices but are instead woven into artistic albums that tell your unique story. Dive into the slick gallery view, seamlessly navigating through your memories with grace.

But that's not all. Picture this: a Gallery 3D that dances to the rhythm of your preferences. Organize your cherished photos, arrange them based on your whims, and instantly access them with just a tap.

Features abound in this Gallery Symphony:

- Craft mesmerizing photo albums that adapt to your device's orientation.
- Capture candid moments with a selfie camera designed for photo albums.
- Effortlessly exclude and restore folders at your command.
- Immerse yourself in an endless slideshow of HD Gallery for photos, with animations that mesmerize.
- Seamlessly move, copy, and paste files, all with a swift multi-select.
- Elevate your photos with Beauty Camera Effects, turning ordinary moments into masterpieces.
- Let your personality shine by customizing the theme color – your Gallery, your rules.
- No need to settle – switch colors and themes as you please.
- Your photos and videos in their full glory, supported across all popular formats.
- Dive deep into your visuals with intuitive zoom gestures.
- And don't forget the Video Player with Gallery apps:

Embrace a unified video experience with support for all formats.
Bask in the glory of the finest video player for your galleries.
Seamlessly manage and enjoy all your videos, without a hitch.
Immerse yourself in the world of beautifully designed HD video playback.
Photos, your way:

Explore a limitless video grid, each frame more mesmerizing than the last.
Zoom, crop, and enhance with picture filters to reveal unseen details.
Personalize your photos by renaming and editing to perfection.
Effortlessly share your visual stories on social media, a tap away.
Order and sort your memories as you desire, to relive them your way.
Present your photos in an appearance that exudes professionalism.
Safety first with the Gallery Lock:


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1 week Gallery+ from 4.99$ per week (prices may vary slightly depending on the region).
1 month Gallery + from 19.99$ per month (prices may vary slightly depending on the region)

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Версия 1.3.9

Bug fixes

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4,6 из 5
Оценок: 72

Оценок: 72

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