Healing Rush 12+

Dats Games LTD

Разработано для iPad

    • 4,7 • Оценок: 463
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Welcome to Healing Rush!

Healing Rush is a fun idle game where you play as a head doctor in a new hospital. Citizens have fallen ill to strange diseases; let's get down to healing them!

Only you can help, don't stay idle – grab and stack the right medicine and give it to your patients to heal them. Grateful patients will give you coins for your healing, so rush to get as much gold as you can to unlock more rooms, hire new doctors and upgrade your team. Prove that you are the most incredible head doctor and build the most excellent hospital in town!

Your hospital is new, but as the head doctor, you still have a lot to explore: unlock new rooms with coins to discover new challenges. Don't forget to hire and upgrade your doctor team to help you heal your patients' complex and strange diseases.

Game features:

- fun and easy gameplay – easy to learn, but is a lot of fun!
- player doctor skins – you don't need to wear the doctor coat all the time; unlock all the styles!
- lots of different rooms to unlock and upgrade – build the greatest hospital!
- IAPs to remove ads and get more rewards
- 3d graphics for an enjoyable experience
- constant updates – check out for new features!

Hurry up and choose the right medicine to heal your patients in this simple and very addicting idle healing game!

Что нового

Версия 1.32

Bug fixes
New activities

Оценки и отзывы

4,7 из 5
Оценок: 463

Оценок: 463

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Класс, прикольная игра, тематическая

Класс, прикольная игра, тематическая

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