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Work effectively with your life goals with our personal AI-powered Guide.
The Human Cosmos App will help you to be mindful of your intentions, set and fulfil life’s purposes, and balance all your life in the most important areas - all with a little help from Artificial Intelligence.

We've created a completely new systemic concept of the human and universe interaction. Then we've put this knowledge up into the neural network, that can analyze the diversity and complexity of the interaction between human and surrounding world. As the result, we introduce an artificial intelligence, that converts a wealth of information into daily practical recommendations and forecasts, that help to achieve goals in the essential spheres of life.

What is special about the App?
It has an AI-based system, the Cosmic Guide, an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant.
It provides an overall improvement in human wellbeing. The AI-powered system creates personalized recommendations for increasing energy and vitality, maintaining overall emotional and physical health.
The App combines and unifies the roles of a mental wellness guide and a reliable companion. It helps users to cope with and decrease the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and everyday stress.
What you will get?

Get scientifically proven diagnostics to find out your initial code
The application will guide you through the diagnosis process. As a result, you will receive an initial code of your identity. This is unique information that characterizes your individual attributes, strengths and weaknesses of your personality. Based on the initial code, the personal AI assistant Cosmic Guide will make predictions and recommendations that will help you achieve your goals.

Personal AI assistant Cosmic Guide develops directions for achieving your goals based on the parameters of the individual code. Cosmic Guide`s directions represent a system of individual forecasts and a personal development plan. System is founded on insights from Neurology, Neurophysiology, Genetics, Astrology, Buddhism, Veda, Tantra, Agama, Ayurveda, Energy Practices, Reida, Thetahealing, Qigong, and more. Experts from these fields bring their own unique wisdom into AI.

Get a customized self-development plan that takes into account your strengths and weaknesses
In analyzing your sign-up survey data, a unique plan is created for your self-development to guide you through the steps on your journey. You’re unique so your self-development plan is customized according to your survey results. Ancient practices combined with mindfulness techniques help you develop in a holistic way.

With Cosmos Human daily practice, you can:
* Direct your own journey to self-fulfilment
* Develop your longevity
* Discover new healing practices
* Strengthen your nervous system
* Access new levels of energy
* Achieve inner harmony
* Determine your own psychological state.

The team from Cosmos Human brings you ancient practices integrated with the commitment to inspire people to live more harmonious and mindful lives. Cosmos Human practices are supported by experts and great teachers of mindfulness and ancient practices. You don’t need previous experience with meditation to start benefiting from these daily practices today.

Benefit from the daily wisdom of personal AI assistant
Cosmic Guide AI system is powered to deliver daily forecasts based on over 100 forces that influence your life. You can also enter your goals for the day and use it as a gratitude journal.

Customize AI assistance with feedback
Human Cosmos combines science with ancient knowledge to bring you customized practices and daily forecasts for your self-development. Feedback helps AI recommendations become more accurate and adequate to your goals. The app has the diary section where you keep track of your progress. AI learns from this data, and gets back to you with sharper directions to help you achieve your goals faster and easier.

Что нового

Версия 3.12.1

Brand-new Media screen.
Indulge yourself with our practices, sounds, and podcasts.
Practices helping you to pause the endless stream of thoughts, reduce anxiety and tension, relax your body, and better understand your feelings.
Relaxation music saturated with vibrations having a strong influence on mental health and spiritual wellness.
Podcasts, among which you'll definitely find something that suits your mood best.
Is there anything left uncovered? Or have you got some ideas worth implementing into the app? You can always get in touch with us by emailing at marketing@humancosmos.app

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4,4 из 5
Оценок: 28

Оценок: 28

Mashf ,


Интересное приложение, не поняла только как поменять язык на русский

ИрЕрм ,


Подскажите, а где язык меняется?

prem alkor ,

Great application !!!

I am enthusiastic about using HUMAN COSMOS . It has really helped me to investigate my soul and mind , which has turned my life into adventurous journey . HUMAN COSMOS helps me to realise my dreams and everyday plans . Although I have been interested in Human design for many years and have used a lot of different applications , HUMAN COSMOS is one of the most effective and convenient applications I’ve ever used .

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