Снимки экрана (Apple Watch)


A simple workout information view on your watch. Get quick and easy access to your current heart rate, heart rate zone, total distance and an optional timer.

Fitness SS integrates with HealthKit, but does not create workouts. It uses this integration to read workout distance data and optionally heart rate data from the Apple Watch optical sensor. Fitness SS will also use HealthKit integration to store this heart rate and distance data for use in the Health app on your phone. Now you can view important exercise data at a glance and add this data to the Health app. This can be especially useful in several scenarios:

1. Most solutions for carrying your iPhone during a workout are awkward to view. Fitness SS displays a simple interface that is easy to read.
2. Watch companion apps for fitness tracking can be complicated, incomplete or unstable. Fitness SS simplicity makes it stable and reliable.
3. Some applications save incomplete health data to the Health app. Fitness SS adds heart rate and distance data to Health app.
4. You may not need or want to track wokrout history; just see your real-time data.

Fitness SS Features include:
- View real-time heart rate from Bluetooth devices or the optical sensor in the watch
- View total distance traveled during workout session (based on walking/running)
- View stopwatch or timer with optional auto repeat for intervals
- View average heart rate at the end of your workout session
- HealthKit integration to read Apple Watch optical sensor heart rate and workout distance.
- HealthKit integration to add heart rate and distance data to Health app.
- Calculate heart rate zones based on your age and optionally your resting heart rate
- Customize heart rate zones for your needs: Name, Color, BPM range and Alerts

Note: If using a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, we advise using one that supports multiple connections. The monitor must support one connection for each device (Computer, iPhone or Watch) that will be accessing it. Not all heart rate monitors support multiple connections. Trying to connect more devices that the monitor supports will prevent some devices from finding the monitor.


eKeypad Mobile Solutions LLC
1.2 МБ

Требуется iOS 13.0 и watchOS 7.0 или более поздней версии. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.





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