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Includes Panic Sync, our secure, super sync service — for FREE.

• A stunningly full-featured text editor
• Works on both the iPhone or iPad
• Editor features Clips, Find & Replace (with placeholder!), Context Keys, Super Loupe, much more.
• Syntax highlighting for Apache, C, CSS, Diff, Go, Haml, HTML, INI, Java, JavaScript, LESS, Lua, Markdown, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Sass, Scheme, Shell, SQL, Swift, XML and YAML
• Local or Remote file management
• Remote protocols include SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, DreamObjects, and FTP (Plain, TLS, SSL) support
• Preview
• Playgrounds
• SSH Terminal
• Much more!

Code Editor is a text editor with syntax highlighting, clips, find replace, the works. But it also has a full file manager, allowing you to work with files locally or remotely. It has a cool keyboard with context keys and an amazing super loupe to set your cursor. It manages 'sites' so you can quickly get to work, and it'll even sync those sites. It'll preview your pages, of course. And we've also thrown in a full-featured SSH terminal. It's an incredible app.

SITES. The foundation of Code Editor: create a site for each of your projects, local or remote, and quickly get to the files you need to edit. Better still, use our free Panic Sync service to sync these sites with our Mac apps, securely and quickly.

FILES. We've been building file managers for a really long time — we've got this. Local, remote, or any mix of the two. Edit, rename, duplicate, create folders, upload, download, you name it, you got it.

EDITING. Tap a file to land in our highly-optimized text editor, which syntax highlights your code with ease. Now, try this: move the insertion point. Whoa. That's the Super Loupe, magnifying magic we think is the best way to precisely set your cursor.

CLIPS. Have a handful of code bits you re-use a lot? Tap the clips icon in Code Editor, and load them in. Now you can insert them with a single tap.

FIND / REPLACE. Let’s say you accidentally inverted the values of your width and height tags. With our find and replace banner — and its breakthrough wildcard button — you can easily replace or swap or re-arrange your text.

TERMINAL. Really? Like, a full-featured SSH client built-in? Sure! Not only is it great value for your money, but it's also great help to getting your work done. Connect to your sites with a tap, and get the full-featured spot-on emulation of Prompt.

TABS. Quickly switch between your open documents. I know, it's obvious. But still.

CONTEXT KEYS. We've added a special section to your iOS keyboard that gives you the most useful, helpful special characters, automatically. It takes a lot of the pain out of writing code on a piece of glass.

We've put a desktop-class amount of work into Code Editor. It's truly a pro app. But, it's not hard to learn. And most amazingly, you're getting an incredible amount of power at a killer price.

Help support Panic, so we can continue to make great iOS professional tools. Buy Code Editor today!

Что нового

Версия 2.2.15

• Various SSH library improvements
• Updated address placeholder for DreamObjects based servers

• Hardware and software keyboards once again use non-curly quotes as default
• Fixed the display of Ed25519 host keys when connecting to a server

Fixed for a future version of iOS:
• Improved visibility of multi-file selection UI
• Resolved a crash when deleting the last character of a document
• Accessory Keys pop-over now remains visible after activating a key
• Improved visibility of 'Open In...' pop-over in single file-browser mode
• iPhone: Passcode overlay is no longer able to be hidden
• iPhone: Site credentials sheet can no longer become unresponsive after being partially dismissed
• iPhone XR: Rotating device with nano active in Terminal no longer results in segmentation fault
• iPad: Fixed file view controls flickering when switching between remote and local views
• iPad Pro 13": Fixed single tab being positioned incorrectly in tab bar
• iPad Pro 13": Fixed font and line spacing controls being drawn improperly

Оценки и отзывы

4.5 из 5
Оценок: 139

Оценок: 139

Рачей ,

Search & open file in global

Please make search in file and open files global file manager

aallggooll ,

Продаёте в русском магазине,где русификация ?

Продаёте в русском магазине,где русификация ?
Патч,плагин,да хоть мордувертин,где РУССКИЙ ЯЗЫК?
Лучший редактор,русский язык где?

AndreyVadimovich ,

Php - no ; and $ in extra keyboard row

All ok. But.

PHP syntax - no “;” and “$” on extra keyboard row =(((

Can this be corrected ?


Panic, Inc.
33 МБ

Требуется iOS 11.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.


английский, японский

1 890 р.


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