Снимки экрана (iPhone)


Ever wondered if you can take photos every day/week/month, and stack them into a time-lapse animation? Selfie, weight loss, babies, or home remodeling project, TimeShutter is the best tool for them all! You get perfect alignment with a guideline overlay.

Recently added new features: Unlock private albums with FaceID/TouchID/Passcode; Camera count down timer; Taking photos with volume button; 3D touch shortcut.

See what our long-time users say about us:

"I’ve been using TimeShutter for over four years now, it’s probably my favorite iPhone App." Sebastian K.

"I was using [redacted] to take in process pictures of my art, but yours is wayyy better. And the simple clean design just tops it off." Steve T, Artist .

"Love your app. Been looking for such apps for taking site photos at the same spot for a long time. " Jeffrey Y, Architect.

"I love the app. It is much better than the alternatives!" Jon L.

"Great app for pregnant womens!"

"I used this to document the first year of my son’s life and the video turned out beautifully. I’m continuing to use it for year two. Simple, intuitive, works as it should. " RiskVsReward

"My daily photo project is easier than ever with the alignment guide overlay while taking the photo, plus adjustment feature, multiple albums, and gif and video exports at three speeds."

"This is one of the best time lapse apps I could find, and does everything I needed to do in a very simple way."

"Any sort of transition or passage of time you want to document quickly and conveniently on your device is a good candidate for TimeShutter. "

"I used this app to make a time lapse animation of myself between haircuts, and am thinking of other uses. This app makes it super easy with a guide from the first frame and recurring reminders. Very well made."


- Capture changes over time with guideline overlay assistance.
- Set any specific reference photo, or always use the previous one.
- Time-lapse preview with drag gesture.
- Precise adjustment & crop anytime with two-finger gestures.
- Multiple album support, capture yourself, babies, puppies, blooming flowers, and anything interesting in one place.
- Customizable daily, weekly, or monthly reminders.
- Export & share in video or GIF format.

Что нового

Версия 3.6.4

We fixed a tricky memory leak bug.

Оценки и отзывы

4,9 из 5
Оценок: 14

Оценок: 14

MichaelAnisimov ,

Need sync

Plz add sync albums in few devices with google drive/iCloud... ;)

Alegz-nn ,

Two thumbs up!

This app is exactly what I was looking for! Allows superimposing several photos with alignment to produce a timelapse video or GIF

Ответ разработчика ,


Ilu1234567897535 ,

Одно из лучших в своём классе

Замечательное приложение. Есть удобная функция подгонки изображения по контуру лица. Работает быстро без надоедливых баннеров. Очень обрадовался, что приложение опять начало обновляться!
Единственное пожелание разработчикам - после перехода на iPhone X новые портреты стали более размытыми, пропала резкость(до этого был iPhone 6s).

Ответ разработчика ,

100% фотографий с полным разрешением в ближайшее время! (from Google Translate)

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