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Insta360 GO is the Ant-Man of cameras. Weighing in at 18.3 grams (that’s less than a fun-size Snickers), it goes places that other cameras can’t, captures angles other cameras don’t, and never gets in the way. The companion app is the sidekick to your new twenty-gram steady cam.

AI-powered auto-editing.
GO’s app doesn’t just save time and hassle during capture. It also cuts the hassle out of finding and editing your best clips. Here’s the kicker, it works with your phones footage too!

GO uses AI-powered image recognition to sort clips and combine them — on beat — into a stylized edit. GO can sort content based on theme (e.g. travel, food, sports), quality of shot composition, and a user’s past preferences. With GO, users can capture, edit and share their day in a few taps.

Hyperlapses made easy.
Thanks to its next-level stabilization, GO makes hyperlapses easy. Mind-blowing shots that used to take expensive gear and hours of editing can now be accomplished with a tap. GO captures hyperlapses for up to 30 minutes at 6x speed.

Stationary timelapses are just as easy. GO’s mount-anywhere design lets users capture the flow of time from impossible perspectives, Shoot for hours. All with the app.

Bluetooth Control
Use Bluetooth to control GO from a distance. Edit your settings or remap the Action button. It’s simple and super convenient for when GO is mounted out of reach.

Supported social platforms: Insta360 Community, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Snapchat, WeChat, Weibo, Vibrato, Line.

*Compatibility: Subject to the Insta360.com compatibility list.

Stop by and learn more at: www.insta360.com

Having some issues? Let us know at support@insta360.com

Что нового

Версия 1.4.2

1. You can now toggle "Anti-Flicker" in the Settings page.
2. Routine bug fixes and user experience improvements.

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2.9 из 5
Оценок: 8

Оценок: 8

Feeliona ,

I can’t update my camera. Do something please.

I can’t update my camera. Do something please.

Rumen113 ,

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+ быстро создавать ролики для размещения в соц.,сетях
- не обновляются шаблоны
- не появляется новая музыка
- заполняется Кэш память приложения из за чего заполняется память Айпад. Приходится удалять и снова устанавливать прогу со временем.

кякк ,


I can’t update camera and don’t connect with my iPhone on Bluetooth

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