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The iRFR from ETC provides a remote for any Eos family lighting system (Eos, Eos Ti, Gio, Gio @5, Ion, Element and Eos/Ion Remote Processors). This application requires Eos family software 2.6 or higher on the connected lighting system. Eos 3.0 or higher is required for Focus Wand Please note the iRFR is NOT support by Cobalt.

The iRFR supports most features needed for programming and playback. It does not support remote patching and system configuration. A tab-based system changes the displays from the full keyboard, moving light controls, direct selects, playback tools and a cue list. Security controls prevent un-authorized access to a lighting system.

Что нового

Версия 4.0.0

This version of the aRFR and iRFR app adds support for the Focus Wand feature. Focus Wand works with Eos 3.0 and Aumgent3d to utilize Augmented Reality technologies and advance the user experience allowing you to see and select fixtures through your device’s camera. Once selected you can use gestures to control your fixture’s parameters or use Focus Wand like a laser pointer to focus one or multiple automated fixtures — or use the Find Me function and the light will focus to the mobile device. This version also includes multiple bug fixes and optimizations.

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