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JoinIn is a cost effective vendor verification and reporting platform, which harnesses the power of the cloud, and is extremely easy to implement. Facility managers can see which vendor is working at their facility and “verify”, “grant” or “deny” access based on vendor credentials such as updated general liability insurance, criminal record, etc.

To ease the burden on facility staff, vendors are responsible for enrolling their employees into the JoinIn system. Vendor and their employee information is automatically uploaded to the JoinIn cloud using our free App from Itunes on their phone, tablet or PC. From there facility administrators can verify the credentials stored in the JoinIn cloud and grant permissions, which are instantly sent to security desk.

When a vendor’s employee enters the facility, they scan a QR code through the JoinIn app at the security desk. Security receives a notification on their screen to grant/deny access to the employee along with his portrait for verification. If the employee leaves the facility without checking out, the App will automatically check out the employee via and notify facility management.

Facility management can easily run real-time, weekly, or monthly reports on which vendor and which employees are in the facility.

"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."

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