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KansuImager is an app that the user himself creates image processing filters.
Not only color conversion but also deformation filter can be created.
And face detection function is equipped too.

Because the image processing can be easily created without knowledge about image format or programing, this app is the best choice for studying or prototyping of image process.

This is also good news for the people who wants to create original photo effect or digital art.

The conversion filter can be created by describing conversion functions for each pixel with KansuImager language.
For example, a mirroring filter can be realized with only one line as following.


In the conversion function, following functions can be referred.

Math Function:sin, cos, tan, exp, sqrt, log, etc.
Logical Function:IF, NOT, EQ, LT, GT, etc.
Iterative Operation:SIGMA, PI (Σ,Π opration)
Pixel Value:R, G, B, M (red, green, blue, monochrome)

As the other functions, built-in filters - Gaussian filter, moving average, and edge detection are available.

You can design linear filters easily. This function is useful for learning or study of image processing technology.

Functions drawing geometric shape like line, circle or rectangle, are implemented.

Moreover, face detection can be carried out. You can create face deformation filter or mosaic processing with this.

From Ver.2.0, the image conversion with GPU is realized that user describes OpenGL shader language(a type of dialect).

Please refer built-in manual for more detail of filter creation method. Tap (?) icon to show it.
As the sample, mirroring, subtractive color processing, unsharp filter and face detection are already registered in the app. These explanations are also described in the manual.

NOTE) In using KansuImage language because user defined functions are parsed in image conversion, the processing speed is slower than the other commercial photo effect app.

Что нового

Версия 2.0

Image conversion with OpenGL shader language.


5 МБ
Фото и видео

Требуется iOS 9.3 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.


английский, японский

149 ₽


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