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LEGEE-688 App not only supports dynamic control, scheduler and real time map, it also brings floor cleaning robot to a new era by introducing “Talent Clean”.
Talent Clean: Tailor Made Smart.
There are 7 Talent Clean modes: Standard, Strong, ECO, Kitchen, Dry, Pet and Polish. 1 custom mode for your desire settings exploration to serve any special needs.
Standard Mode: Simply the Best.
Standard mode is the perfect fit for any generic use.
The standard mode can serve your general needs, if you don’t know which mode you need, you can try standard mode first.
Strong Mode: Nothing Escapes.
Strong mode is ideal for deep cleaning.
When you want to do some deep cleaning to your floor, strong mode will back you with the maximized vacuum power and highest mopping frequency for best result!
ECO Mode: Go Green!
ECO mode helps to save energy and works quietly.
ECO mode works under low power consumption with the minimum vacuum power and lowest mopping frequency, so you can still have the floor cleaned while enjoying the calm and quiet time.
Kitchen Mode: Clean like a Pro!
Kitchen mode can clean the common spill, splash and stains.
HOBOT exclusive patent. Specialized to clean the stubborn stains we often left behind on the kitchen floor. LEGEE will first divide the area to 1.5m*1.5m and spray generous amount of water to dissolve the stains, then go back to mop and absorb the dissolved stains, the floor will be world-class clean!
Dry Mode: Stay Dry and Clean.
Use Dry mode when cleaning hardwood floor.
Dry mode is suitable for those moisture sensitive hard wood floor, the water spray function is disabled and vacuum power is slightly enhanced with slowed down pace so your floor can still get cleaned well without water.
Pet Mode: Pet Furiendly.
Pet mode cleans hair and pawprints efficiently.
Cleaning pets’ hair haven’t been easier! Under pet mode, the vacuum power is increased and lower the side brush speed to allow the hairs to be collected without sweeping away them. Also, the increased water spray volume and higher mopping frequency can remove pawprints or stains on the floor.
Polish Mode: Spotless Squeaky Clean.
Polish mode brings back the bright and shine.
LEGEE will clean the floor by increasing water spray volume and mopping frequency while lowering moving speed to remove old dirt and water marks on the floor, your floor will soon be restored to bright and shine!
Customized Mode: You Are the Boss.
Feel free to adjust the parameters to suit your special need.
If you have some special needs or just simply curious, you are very welcome to be creative and explore all the possible combinations and build your ultimate cleaning mode!
Real Time Map
Real Time Map shows the cleaned area simultaneously as LEGEE cleans. You can monitor the coverage and the progress easily.
Cleaning Diary
Cleaning Diary stores the information from past 10 cleaning tasks, including finished map, cleaned area, cleaning duration and if the task was completed.
Schedule Queue
Schedule Queue is a weekly based scheduler that allows pre-schedule your cleaning plan once a day, there are several Talent Clean modes to choose from.

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Версия 2.032

Version: 2.032
Bug fix

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2,3 из 5
Оценок: 73

Оценок: 73

upandq ,


После обновления прошивки, перестал работать и выдаёт ошибку 0x12

Ответ разработчика ,

Здравствуйте, если у вас есть какие-либо проблемы в использовании, пожалуйста, напишите на api.lin@hobot.com.tw, ​​мы подтвердим это для вас как можно скорее.

Sergey1300 ,

Не могу зарегестрироваться

Все работало нормально. Потом начало просить заново зарегестрироваться. Запрашиваю код. Код приходит на почту. Все вбиваю, пишет НЕ ПРАВЕЛЬНЫЙ КОД. БЕСИТ.

Ответ разработчика ,

HI,Thank you for reaching out, we apologize for the inconvenience caused. There was a system upgrade and database maintenance on Oct. 1st and was completed the same day, we are sorry the app service was suspended during that time. Please update the app to version 2.0 to continue using HOBOT LEGEE App.

E.S.S......... ,

Hi it 688

Пожалуйста скажите какой пароль вай-Фая робота? Нигде нет этой информации

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