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Draw and take notes with ease.

Linea Sketch gives you the right balance of power and control to capture thoughts and ideas effortlessly. The focus stays where it belongs: on your creations, not on the tools.

Why Linea Sketch?

⁕ Minimal UI - Every control is designed to stay out of your way until you need it. Linea's elegant interface puts the focus on your creations.

⁕ Easy Colors - Choose from a wide range of pre-defined colors, or create your own with a single tap. Autogenerated tints & shades save time and effort.

⁕ Elegant Layers - Simplified set of layers that can be easily rearranged, merged, locked, or adjusted. Use the file browser and photo library to import images for reference and tracing.

⁕ ZipShapes & ZipLines - Simply hold still for a moment after drawing a line, rough square, circle, or triangle and ZipShape automatically creates a perfect version for you. You can then adjust final size, placement, and corner radius.

⁕ Move / Transform - Lasso part of your sketch, then move, rotate, flip, or resize. Transform one or more layers quickly & easily.

⁕ Watercolor Brush - Create rustic & artistic effects by painting with organic pigment in three modes: Simple, Wet, and Cloud.

⁕ Annotations - Add labels, notes, and callouts to your sketches using iOS Scribble or a keyboard. Fonts, colors, placement, and more can be adjusted effortlessly.

⁕ Time-Lapse - Record your creative process as you sketch! Save a video of the result as either a compressed 30 second clip or a full length movie.

⁕ Grids & Templates - A wide range of traditional grids, 3D isometric lines, storyboards, and templates for iOS screen or icon design.

⁕ Universal App - Linea Sketch is a universal app for iPad and iPhone. Your sketches seamlessly sync via iCloud to all of your devices, wherever you go.


What do you get?

• Technical Pencil - Hard lead, thin lines
• Art Pencil - Soft lead, thick lines
• Felt Tip Pen - Thin solid lines that vary in opacity
• Marker - Fat solid lines
• Watercolor Brush - Paint with organic, artistic pigment
• Fill - Roll out wide areas of color or tap to flood fill
• Blend - Smudge or soften strokes
• Eraser - Clean up with your finger or Pencil
• Pencil Plus! - Create additional effects using Apple Pencil pressure and tilt

• Always on-screen & easily available
• Tints and shades are automatically generated in six variations
• 11 predefined color sets for various types of drawing
• Create custom colors for branding and consistency
• Drag & drop color swatches with other apps

• Five flexible layers that can be dragged, merged, or cleared
• Import any image from Files, Photo Library, or clipboard
• Lockable to prevent accidental changes
• Adjust opacity or double tap to toggle visibility on/off

• Traditional grids displayed with lines & dots
• Hexagonal, circular, and isometric (3D) grids
• Notepads, to-do lists, and sheet music
• App user interface and icon design
• Storyboards in 16:9, 1.85:1, and 2.35:1 ratios
• Adjustable intensity and can be hidden quickly

Backgrounds & Paper Textures:
• White Bond, Butcher’s Paper, Black Construction, Blueprint & many more
• Adjustable custom background colors
• Paper grain can be toggled on or off

• Save as PNG, JPEG, PSD, and PDF
• Save entire sketch or crop a portion
• Export to Slack, Dropbox, AirDrop & more
• Presentation Mode shows just the canvas via AirPlay - perfect for classrooms

• Organize drawings in project folders
• Share, rename, or move drawings within projects
• Thumbnail previews of drawings save time
• Export PDF of entire project

• Two-finger tap for Undo, three-finger tap for Redo
• Pinch to zoom and rotate canvas
• Tap Compass to lock, flip, or reset your canvas
• Supports portrait & landscape orientations
• Supports split screen and drag & drop

Terms and Conditions: https://linea-app.com/terms
Privacy Policy https://linea-app.com/privacy

Что нового

Версия 4.0.1

Use Annotations to add text to your sketches, paint organically with a Watercolor Brush, lock layers to protect your drawing, and enjoy enhancements for all tools!


• Annotations: Add simple text labels and notes to your sketches
- Tap the "Aa" icon to enter Annotation mode, then on the sketch to create a label
- Edit Annotations with iOS Scribble or tap with a finger to use the keyboard
- Choose from a variety of fonts & save your favorite as a Canvas Default
- Easily adjust Annotation text alignment, color, rotation, and size
- Merge Annotations to a layer to add additional effects

• Watercolor Brush: Paint and fill your sketch with organic pigment
- Three brush sizes that vary with pressure of Apple Pencil
- Choose between three modes:
- Simple - Textured, painterly strokes
- Wet - Watery strokes with pooled pigment at edges
- Cloud - Textured splats & speckles for skies, landscapes, or backgrounds

• Lockable Layers: Prevent changes and secure your work
- Tap on lock icon in Layer palette to lock or unlock
- Locked layers cannot be edited, merged, or selected with the lasso
- Layers can still be rearranged, toggled, and sampled with the eyedropper


• General:
- Compatibility with iOS and iPadOS 15
- Updated tool palettes for the new iPad mini
- New video tutorials: Settings > More Linea Sketch Tips

• Tools & Backgrounds:
- New Cotton paper background
- New larger tool sizes for the Technical Pencil, Art Pencil, and Marker
- Improved paging for additional brush sizes

• Colors:
- Reorganize custom color chips by tapping, holding, then dragging
- Drag colors from other apps (like Pastel) into Linea's custom color sets

• ZipShape Radius Control:
- Adjust the corner radius of square or rectangular ZipShapes
- Change all four corners simultaneously with a tap on any green control
- Tap and hold on a green control to adjust a single corner

• Information Bezel & Transforms:
- Bezel is now easier to read when transforming selections or ZipShapes
- Corner radii displayed for ZipShape rectangles & squares
- Element being adjusted is highlighted in the bezel
- Transforms snap to sizes (100%, 200%, etc.) & aspect ratios (1:1, 3:4, 2:1, etc.)
- QuickToggle for snapping: hold down finger while dragging with Apple Pencil

• Time-lapse:
- Exported time-lapse movies now hold the final frame for five seconds
- Improvements to time-lapse reliability and playback
- iPhone can now export 30 second clips


• Time-lapse movies can now be exported even after recording is toggled off
• Fixed appearance of eyedropper icon in Recent Colors
• Help & feature videos no longer stop music from playing

Оценки и отзывы

4,0 из 5
Оценок: 21

Оценок: 21

SlamJack ,

Good app for story boarding

Please add more cinematic templates for storyboarding, for ex. 6 1920x1080 frames on one sketch.
Add ability to export folder of sketches to pdf at one tap, or to select all sketches in folder.

Ответ разработчика ,

Slam, noted on the storyboarding request! The ability to make a multi-page PDF from multiple sketches is also on the list to do, we want that as well. Can't say when but it's high on the priority list. Thanks for leaving your feedback, we appreciate it!

Кошка и мышка ,


Что то удобно, что то нет, обычная средненькая прога. Нет обучалки, многое не понятно и разбираться придется.... даже простейшие действия вызывают трудности.... в общем обычная прога, сделанная сектой людей, не разобравшихся в полной мере что такое юзабилити. Программа точно не 21 века, скорее конец 80—х прошлого. Вообще это беда последних лет, всеобщее отупение

nikkymenko ,

Good app

I like this app. A couple of wishes:
1. Infinity canvas. Must have for me.
2. The fill tool should ignore the grids/templates optionally.
3. Pen with fixed width.

Ответ разработчика ,

Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback, we appreciate it. An infinite canvas is something we'd like to explore in the future for sure. It has tons of technical limitations however that a bitmap-based app like Linea would have to overcome. Not an easy task. If you want to have the fill tool ignore grids/templates simply toggle them off while filling. As for the pen, it's width is currently fixed so I assume you're asking for a variable width instead? If that's the case stay tuned for our next update and It think you'll be pleased. Thanks so much, enjoy Linea Sketch.

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