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*** Named “Most Innovative iPad App of the Year” by Apple App Store ***

LiquidText offers a fast, natural way to review, gather, and organize information across all your documents and webpages—then apply the results to writing reports, meeting prep, or simply studying. Pull out key facts and connect them together, squeeze a document to compare sections, draw a line to connect ideas in different documents, comment on multiple pages at once, build upon your thoughts, and much more.


* "If you want to experience the power of going beyond paper, you can download LiquidText" – Cult of Mac

* One of Macworld’s Top 24 Apps for iPad Pro

* One of Time Magazine's Ten Best apps for iPad Pro *

* "There's a better way to organize your research, and the app is it." – iMore, Serenity Caldwell

* “All you need for deep research projects.” – Macworld, Jackie Dove

* "The world changed with...LiquidText" – Law360, Paul Kiesel

* "LiquidText may just be *the* app for reviewing and annotating PDFs using Apple's tablet and stylus." – CIO Magazine, James Martin

* “One of the most powerful, original iPad apps I've tried in years” – Federico Viticci,


(Note that to use features with a *, a subscription to our premium service is required. You can also get some of these features with a one-time purchase instead.)

• Create a workspace and import all the documents and web pages you need
• Compatible with PDF, Word, and PowerPoint document types
• Import from Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Box, email, and more
• Import content from webpage.
• Instant OCR to select text in scanned documents; do a full document-OCR to search as well!*
• Import documents & metadata directly from reference managers (supports Zotero and Mendeley)*

• Pull excerpts from all the documents in your project into the Workspace area
• Add your own notes to the Workspace area
• Freely draw on your notes, or on the workspace itself*
• Organize excerpts and notes into groups
• Connect anything - draw live “ink links” that span pages, documents, notes, and more*
• Create mind-maps by drawing “ink links” connecting your excerpts/notes to one another*
• Get context - click notes and excerpts to find original source

• Pinch on your trackpad to compare different distant pages side by side
• Collapse text to see annotated parts side-by-side
• Collapse text to view search results(s) side-by-side
• Import unlimited number of documents into a project, view up to 5 at once*

• Freely draw* or highlight on your document, notes, or the workspace itself
• Add margin notes/comments to text, images, notes, and excerpts
• Comment on two or more selections simultaneously
• Make comments that link to multiple documents at once*
• Replace document with a newer version (and annotations are brought to new doc)*

• Search for keywords across all your LiquidText documents
• Search from LiquidText home screen, or from Spotlight*
• Find keywords in title or text of your documents*
• Bulk highlight, tag, or link to your search results*

• Export your project as a PDF (includes your Workspace and documents)
• Export your project as a Word file (converts your notes/excerpts into a linear document)
• Send a full LiquidText file for those with the app.
• Send files by email or to Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Zotero, and more
• Drag links to LiquidText projects into your operating system file folders*

Sync & Backup*
• Real-time, cross-platform sync
• Continuous cloud backup
• Multi-device display:
• All your devices are updated in realtime
• Use your desktop or tablet as additional displays for your tablet, or vice versa
• Use your tablet for freehand inking while viewing and keyboarding on your desktop

See our terms of use at

Learn more at | Better Than Paper

Что нового

Версия 2.4.5


► Create links between LiquidText projects!

► Replace a document with a newer version, and annotations come to the new doc!

► Create inline text links to one or more locations!

► Create URL links to LiquidText selections that you can paste into other apps!

► Automatically create excerpts from text you have tagged!

► Create links to an entire set of search results!

► Tag or highlight all of your search results at once!

► This version also includes a bug-fix in thr troubleshooting system.

Оценки и отзывы

4,4 из 5
Оценок: 9

Оценок: 9

breakingwavearche ,

Student status verification

The app feels and works amazing! I really want to buy a pro-version, but I seems like there is no way to verify my student status without international ID (I’m studying in Russia and don’t have one so far). Is there any option for me to have a student discount?
Thanks for your work!

Itipro ,

Amazing app for research and all

Like the mechanics and aesthetics of the app. Very convenient to use. There are some minor bugs (dragging a comment box to a board and back clear out the content) but not a big deal.
Suggestion: Let the user create a clear document (I so use the app for interactive white-boarding and mind-mapping). Still there is a workaround to create a doc based on any file which you can hid and keep the board shown. Keep it up!

goodannnnnnna ,

Doesn't work!!

It makes the link or crops the letters EVERY TIME I want to write with my apple pen! Awful!

Конфиденциальность приложения

Разработчик LiquidText, Inc. указал, что в соответствии с политикой конфиденциальности приложения данные могут обрабатываться так, как описано ниже. Подробные сведения доступны в политике конфиденциальности разработчика.

Связанные с пользова­телем данные

Может вестись сбор следующих данных, которые связаны с личностью пользователя:

  • Покупки
  • Контактные данные
  • Идентифика­торы
  • Данные об использова­нии

Не связанные с пользова­телем данные

Может вестись сбор следующих данных, которые не связаны с личностью пользователя:

  • Пользова­тель­ский контент
  • Диагностика

Конфиденциальные данные могут использоваться по-разному в зависимости от вашего возраста, задействованных функций или других факторов. Подробнее

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