Marvis Pro 12+

Aditya Rajveer

Разработано для iPad

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Interact with your music and fall in love with your library all over again.

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Marvis offers a beautiful presentation of your Music Library with loads of powerful features in a minimalistic yet highly customizable UI.

• For Apple Music & iTunes Library.
‣ Supports Apple Music Search, Browse, For You & Radio.
‣ Non-subscribers can search & browse the Apple Music catalog and play 30s preview for all available songs.

• Use Drag & Drop to add one or more items to Up Next, Play, or Shuffle.
• Advanced Media Details and Artist Info.
• List & Grid Layout. Multiple Grid styles to choose from, like Cover Flow.
• 40 App icon choices.
• Sort and Group.
‣ Sort by Recently Played/Added, Year, Rating, Play Count, and more.
‣ Group Playlists & Genres into Albums, Artists, Composers, etc.

• Smart Rules ‣ Filter, Sort & Limit.
• support.
‣ The ability to scrobble is included with your purchase.
‣ Advanced features require an additional one-time fee.

• is required for Marvis to function.
• Due to iOS restrictions, it's not possible to delete items from your library or playlists via Marvis.

Reddit: r/MarvisApp

Что нового

Версия 7.1

• Swipe Actions on list rows.
‣ Swipe from right-to-left on list rows to add to play next/last in the queue.

• New Apple Music Sections
‣ Recently Played Songs with data coming from Apple Music Web APIs.
‣ City Charts.
‣ Genres.
‣ Radio Station Genres.
‣ Live Radio Stations.
‣ Personal Radio Stations.

• New Metadata for Collections (Albums, Artists, and more).
‣ Last Played (Less Recent)
‣ Last Played (Recent) (formerly Last Played) metadata chooses the most recently played date from a collection's tracks, however, the new Last Played (Less Recent) selects the least recently played date.
‣ One of the use cases for this metadata is to let you create a section of albums that you want to listen to but haven't yet. So, you can add the "Last Played (Less Recent) is empty" rule, and the album will stay on the list as long as all of the album's songs haven't been played.

• Super Advanced Settings: A new settings section in Advanced Settings.
‣ When we have as many settings as there are in Marvis, it gets difficult to manage them, and name them in a way that they're concise and self-explanatory. But it's always a challenging task to correctly group settings and give them a name. Having too many settings on a single page also get overwhelming, and that's why when some of you request a setting, we don't add those to the main settings because we feel it only caters to a very small audience and will end up overwhelming others.
‣ This is why we've added Super Advanced Settings, where the settings won't necessarily cater to everyone, won't require us to worry about naming them, and won't need users to revisit too often.
‣ One of the first new settings there is "Navigation Bar Large Titles" which lets you disable large navigation bar titles.
‣ In the future, we'll add more settings to this page.

• Redesigned Add/Manage buttons.
‣ Also added keyboard shortcuts to open the add/manage pages.

• Bug Fixes and improvements.

Оценки и отзывы

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Оценок: 23

Оценок: 23

Revutsky ,

Cover Flow

После последнего обновления не работает Cover Flow, в горизонтальном положении, надеюсь поправите!

Ответ разработчика ,

Sorry to know you’re facing some issue with Cover Flow, but we haven’t really made changes to it in recent update and it does seem to work fine on our end. Would it be possible for you to email us or contact us via Twitter @marvis_music and send us some screenshots of what’s happening in your case? It’d help us help you better.

Thank you for reviewing.

пользователь15273) ,

Все неоднозначно

Плеер хорош. Он оснащен гибким настраиваемым минималистичным интерфейсом.
1. Перед на русский кривой и не полный,
2. Есть баг с добавлением композиции в очередь,
3. Отсутствует возможность прослушивания локальных аудио файлов.
А, так, в целом, плеер как фронт для apple music не плох. Как уже говорил он имеет настраиваемый интерфейс, чего разумеется нет в стоковом приложении. Лично мне показалось, что 500 рублей мне все же жалко тратить на такое приложение. И можно обойтись стоковым.

arialon ,

Самый лучший плеер!

Я вообще крайне редко пишу отзывы, однако, поюзав в течение уже более чем месяца это прекрасное приложение, просто не мог не потратить пару минут, на то чтобы чтобы похвалить его талантливейших разработчиков. Marvis Pro заставил меня отказаться от полного перехода на Spotify и сохранить верность подписке на Apple Music. Потрясающий интерфейс с практически бесконечной возможностью кастомизации и богатые функциональные возможности делают это приложение лучшим в своём роде) Уважаемые разработчики приложения Marvis, спасибо вам большое! Вы дали мне возможность снова наслаждаться Apple Music, которая казалось бы была полностью утеряна после того, как я впервые попробовал Spotify! Вы лучшие!

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