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Mobi is a cutting-edge moving application capable of revolutionizing the way that moving, storage and relocation companies operate. Designed to work on multiple devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.), this brand-new app was developed specifically for movers to carry out day-to-day tasks remotely. It is a modern application that will improve your business’ performance by offering a highly enhanced, paperless, end-to-end seamless process for your entire organization with real time connectivity anywhere you go!

The application has built in functionalities for all staff members in a moving company:

- A unique driver application with unparalleled capabilities, where crews can perform daily workflows and vehicle circle checks, complete to-do lists, and create detailed inventory lists and packing lists, from anywhere, directly on their mobile device.

- For Moving Consultants, Mobi provides the ability to complete daily tasks, send messages and receive notifications on the go from their phones or tablets even while away from the office.

- Estimators no longer need to rely on outdated methods of conducting pre-move surveys, as Mobi is also a highly efficient estimating tool, providing the sales staff with a quick and user-friendly method of completing surveys and on site sales visits.

- For Managers and key staff, Mobi offers worldwide connectivity, so you can stay connected to your business wherever you are, with access to unique dashboard reports, checking file statuses and communicating with your staff members.

- Access additional tools such as “Needs analysis” for relocation, Barcoding and scanning for Fine art shippers, and much more.

Additional features:
- Integrated Messaging, Email and SMS
- GPS Mapping including Status and Location Updates
- Extremely customizable
- Real-time syncing
- Dashboard integration
- Picture, video and image capture

Instant access to information and on-the-go communication are crucial to providing first-rate service in today’s fast paced moving industry. Find out why Mobi is truly the ultimate tool for mobility companies and relocation firms, and the future of moving in one easy-to-use application.

Mobi replaces current Moveware products MoveCrew and MoveSurvey as the new, all-encompassing mobile app.

Что нового

Версия 1.00100604.0

- Fixed an issue where the barcode scan button was hidden in the check off screen in some cases.
- Fixed issues when emailing reports where the report would look grey.
- Changed the way invoices are selected when automatically calculating charges from review questions.
- Fixed an issue in reports where the job details would not load in some circumstances.
- Added the ability to include a feedback report as part of Mobi setup.
- Fixed issues with acocunt charges not syncing correctly in some circumstances.
- Added extra functionality for check offs and diary actions.
- Fixed an issue with packing in the objects screen.
- Fixed the display in the objects screen to take advantage of the full screen.
- Added the ability to filter most lookups by branch and type, as per Moveware setup.
- Added the ability to auto-populate some fields in SMS messages.


Moveware Pty Ltd
26.2 МБ

Требуется iOS 8.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.


английский, голландский, итальянский, немецкий, португальский, французский



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