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Myzone is the next big step in sports wearables, motivating you to get the most from exercise, whatever your fitness level, however you train. It lets you know how hard you’re trying when you work out and features a heart rate accuracy of over 99%. Myzone also offers amongst the most precise calorie-crunch data on the market, plus the ability to effectively calculate cardio and weight training.

Myzone uniquely rewards effort, while providing a game based platform and social experience that is both inclusive and engaging to all, regardless of athletic ability. As the name suggests, its technology creates bespoke and responsive targets for each individual, to provide personal feedback – hence ‘Myzone’.
Creating a personal handicap based on your maximum heart rate, it is possible to beat an elite athlete by simply working harder. For example, you might finish behind an elite athlete in an endurance run, but exert greater effort and Myzone makes you the winner – so everyone competes on a level playing field.

Myzone encourages competition with other users through cloud-based challenges via a web-based account and bespoke app. The community aspect of Myzone makes it a Facebook for physical activity. Users can analyze, ‘like’, and comment on each other’s workouts, while the app logs your activity history and even updates you over email. In fact, this is the only system to recognize and notify you when you have attained the World Health Organization’s recommended guidelines for physical activity.
The Myzone App allows you to sync your Myzone MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt with your phone meaning you can now see live data and upload stored workouts on your phone. If you prefer to use your MZ-3 with third party fitness apps then your data will still be stored (up to 16 hours) until you sync with your Myzone® app. 

This app integrates with many other platforms, including Apple Health. If you grant permission, we will save your activity calories, height, weight, BMI, BMR and body fat data to Apple Health.

**** Please note that the app will only work if you have a Myzone® Account (you can create an account in the app for free if you don’t have one already) and your tile will only be shown and data uploaded if you have the new Myzone® MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt.”

Что нового

Версия 2.31.0

- A new status view has been added to the top of the activity feed.
- You can now delete comments on your moves, and delete comments that you have posted on other people's moves.
- Move comments now appear before likes when viewing a move, avoiding having to scroll past a potentially long list of likes to get to the comments section.
- You can now delete your workouts from the app, should you wish to.
- MZ-Bodyscans can now be viewed in portrait mode.
- You can now quickly select all months when syncing detailed MZ-Motion data.
- Preset praise options have been added to easily congratulate someone for reaching a higher status.
- 'Virtual Class' is no longer used in place of a profile image in the booking diary when a coach isn't specified.
- The photo cropping UI has been updated when zooming into an image in an MZChat, or the inbox.

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4.3 из 5
Оценок: 70

Оценок: 70

Borodavi ,

Синхронизация с inbody

Возможна ли синхронизация данных с анализа тела In body в ваше приложение?

zimpala_anonimrazzanjato ,

Не считывается чсс

Heart rate is not working. On Tuesday it works, but on Sunday not.

vasjaerm ,


Вы что сделали с программой? После тренировки смотришь, все данные есть за 1,5 часа, а сохраняет только первые 13-14 минут.


Myzone (Worldwide) Ltd.
163.4 МБ

Требуется iOS 10.0 и watchOS 4.3 или более поздней версии. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.


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