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Orange Flex is an in-app mobile offer! More flexible than a standard subscription and easier than a prepaid plan. It's easy to transfer your number and you can change your Plan whenever you need to – even once a month. No blah, blah, contracts or notice period. And on top of that GBs and phone calls without limits, the newest 5G technology and eSIMs. Orange Flex is enough.


EASY. You sign up, transfer your number or get a new one, and then activate an eSIM or order a traditional SIM card – all in the app, without calling or leaving home.
LOTS OF EVERYTHING. Unlimited phone calls, SMS, MMS in Poland and while roaming in the EU. And a GB package that exactly meets your needs!

EVEN MORE. Still not enough? In Orange Flex, you can increase your GB package. All you have to do is take UNLMTD, which is unlimited internet for 7 or 30 days. This is something especially for digital ninjas, for whom the internet = air.
Oh, and you can also add 1, 2 or 3 SIM cards or eSIMs to your Plan for free. We've got this option because it's nice to have an extra SIM for a second phone, smartwatch or tablet. But UNLMTD also means unlimited internet at home. Live without cables and a long contract!

FLEXIBLE. You can upgrade or downgrade, turn on or off the monthly Plan – as you wish and without additional fees. Set everything once and subscribe like that or change your mind every month. And if you prefer long-term relationships, an annual subscription will be just right. Unused GBs? Keep it in the Data Safe!

CHILL. Orange Flex does not have: long contracts, paperwork, trips to stores and tiresome formalities. Orange Flex has: subscription. So if you like total freedom and your middle name is Nomad, you will be happy with us!

WITH THE OPTION OF SHARING GBS. The mobile offer in the app gives you unlimited possibilities, so in Orange Flex you can transfer unused GBs to your friends. Help another Flex user with the internet and make their day. Or let them help you!

UNDER CONTROL. Link your card and forget about transfers or top-ups once and for all. Do you prefer BLIK? We have that too. Choose Plans tailored to your current needs and track your data usage on an ongoing basis!

ROAMING? ALSO UNDER CONTROL. It's good everywhere, but it's best with Orange Flex. Wherever you are, you can conveniently check your remaining data limit and buy an additional roaming package in the app. Are you travelling outside the EU? Choose cheap Here and There or British Packages and surf the net your way. You pay for the package in advance, and after it is used up, we block data transmission – with Orange Flex you don't have to stress about the post-vacation bill.

FAST AND MODERN. In each Plan you have innovative 5G, which means you work like with cable internet, but without a cable. Choose eSIM, don't wait for delivery and join us digitally in a few seconds. Do you have a regular SIM? Take it easy, we'll take care of it!
24/7 SUPPORT. The Flex app is super simple and intuitive, but if you need help, you always have a 24-hour chat at hand.


Ofc! Basic Flex options are just the beginning. After joining us you can:
- buy smartphones, smartwatches and other devices in the Flex Shop – we have regular promos here, sometimes really huge ones,
- enjoy discounts in the Flex Club,
- get paid for recommending Flex to friends.

Last but not least – Orange Flex is the first climate-neutral telecom service in Poland. It's powered by green wind energy, and we've gone paperless and cut down on plastic. And on top of that, we protect the forests with our users!

#1 Download the app and choose your Plan.
#2 Create an account and transfer your current number or choose a new one.
#3 Decide: the most convenient e-SIM or SIM with collection in store or in parcel locker.
#4 Use a selfie and a photo of your ID or My ID to confirm that it's you.
#5 Card or BLIK, and then just activate your number.

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4,9 из 5
Оценок: 679

Оценок: 679

silic0n ,

Работает в РФ

С промокодом SERGEIW5UP можно бесплатно выбрать из пары тарифов на месяц, но привязывать зарубежную карту всё равно придётся, при этом не обязательно иметь на ней ненулевой баланс! В роуминге РФ работает исправно, в основном на БиЛайн, реже МТС. Без абонентки тарифа нет; самый недорогой около 5 долларов в месяц. Часто бывают бонусные акции, например пакеты интернета для роуминга разных странах можно получить бесплатно. Советую зарегистрироваться, пока это возможно, по российскому заграну. Нужен только смартфон с поддержкой eSIM.

Gareluy ,

Отличное решение для интернета

Скачал, установил, пополнил, активизировалось быстро esim, работает стабильно, цена на роуминг приемлемая.
SIARHEIS365 бонус при подключении.

Serega* ,

Zużycie ruchu w Internecie

Wszystko w porządku. Ale jest prośba. Aby w roamingu najpierw wydatkowany był ruch zakupiony dodatkowo, a nie Ruch z taryfy głównej

Ответ разработчика ,

Спасибо за комментарий! Мы собираем идеи для развитие приложения и записываем эту в наш список "TO DO".

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  • Данные об использова­нии

Не связанные с пользова­телем данные

Может вестись сбор следующих данных, которые не связаны с личностью пользователя:

  • Идентифика­торы
  • Данные об использова­нии

Конфиденциальные данные могут использоваться по-разному в зависимости от вашего возраста, задействованных функций или других факторов. Подробнее

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