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Paysend Global Account is a multi-currency account for expats, students abroad and people who love to travel. Our simple mobile app is the perfect bank alternative, and you can open your account online in minutes!

Hold, Spend and Send your money internationally:

• An activity feed for your money

Always stay on top of what’s going on with your money no matter where you are or what you’re doing - you’ll find real-time notifications in the app so you have total visibility.

• Multi-currency account

Hold up to six currencies in your digital multi-currency wallet (GBP, USD, EUR, CHF, CNY, RUB) at any one time, and switch between them instantly.

• Paysend Mastercard and Virtual Card

Instantly link your Paysend Mastercard to one of your currencies to pay like a local, or spend this prepaid card using any currency wherever Mastercard is accepted. For online purchases, you can use your in-app Virtual Card (with a different card number to your physical one) to make online shopping fast & easy.

• International money transfers

Send money for free to other Paysend Global Account users, or to a bank card or bank account in over 80 countries. As the perfect bank alternative, all of our transfers are fast, simple and low-cost.

• PayLater

Make purchases that you don’t have to pay for until later thanks to our unique PayLater feature. We’ve partnered with loads of young, popular brands to give you interest-free credit for 14 days.

• We’re here for you!

If you need any help or advice when using Paysend Global Account, you can use our in-app chat feature, or even send us a WhatsApp directly, and our friendly Customer Support team will be there to help you out!

Over 1.8 million people already love our Global Transfers service - it’s got a 5-star rating from over 10,000 reviews - and the Paysend Global Account is our brand-new mobile app designed to help you manage your money with ease when you’re beyond the horizon!

TechCrunch: “Meet Paysend’s Global Account, a new way to hold, spend and send money in multiple currencies using a mobile app and a card. Paysend went back to the drawing board to focus on the essential.”
The world’s out there waiting for you to go and explore it, so what are you waiting for? It takes just minutes to get set up - download our mobile app now and open your account online to get started!

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Версия 1.4.6

We have made some tweaks and improvements under the hood in this version.

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Оценок: 10

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Добавьте Россию

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В Украину и в Россию

Давайте в Украину и в Россию

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