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A mobile device-based Patient Care Report app. PCR EMS lets first responders record patient information at the scene in a fast, secure way on your iPhone or iPad. Don't lose information by writing it on your glove or on a piece of paper! The menus are designed in the order in which information is normally entered, and any submenu can be used without being dependent on another submenu. For example, you could enter the patient's chief complaint, age, and name from the Dispatcher before you reach the scene, then fill in the rest of the patient information a t the scene. Or enter Vitals before doing the subjective interview.

Dozens of features, including:

* stand-alone: no other app or Internet required
* multiple pcrs
* data and date pickers for most fields eliminate typing errors
* full ambulance information including: unit, mileage, times at various locations
* full patient bio and insurance information
* multiple vitals including: blood pressure, pulse, respiration, blood glucose, Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), responsiveness.
* full subjective (SAMPLE history)
* full objective (primary and secondary assessment)
- primary assessment: general impression, airway, breathing, circulation, rapid scan, priority
of care and transport.
- secondary assessment: breathing, circulation, airway, detailed menus for each body part.
* multiple interventions (medications and procedures)
- pre-filled menus for medications and procedures
- medication and procedure lists can be modified within the app
* a chronology of all actions taken
* a self-generating narrative
* and, of course, a printed PCR.

In addition to actual use in a patient-care environment, PCR EMS is a great tool for field-training officers to teach EMTs how to write a PCR. It can also be used as an education aid to present scenarios for studying for exams such as the NREMT.

PCR EMS keeps all data on the iPhone. This eliminates the problem with other ePCR systems of being dependent on the Internet and thus being inoperable in regions without a strong cell signal.

PCR EMS also recognizes that large differences may exist on the content and format of patient care reports in different regions and systems. Therefore, the printed report incorporates the basic information and does not attempt to format the report. But the report can be printed on any AirPrint-compatible printer.

Что нового

Версия 4

- All features are now available in the base price. No in app purchases at this time.
- tested with iPhone 12.

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