Снимки экрана (iPhone)


ProHero is an application for beginners and experienced users created to facilitate the use of the GoPro® video camera. In its second version, the application is only available for the video cameraHERO® 3 White/Silver/Black, HERO® 3 Plus Silver/Black, HERO® 4 Silver/Black/Session but will be soon extended to last models.

Based on a friendly and simple interface, the application offers a new use of the video camera allowing to sublimate photos and videos thanks to an optimized programation of the parameters.

The application offers:

- Menu for beginners: since it is difficult to use all the advices from the different GoPro® manuals, you will find here an icon for each option. You will just need to select the conditions to make the movie and the application will set up the parameters so can get an optimized result. The application will help the user to progressively learn how to control the video camera.

- Menu for experts: find a new improved interface with different functions proposed by the video camera. You can activate the "preview" option to apreciate the result of your settings in live*.

- Save and download your favorite settings for a fast configuration of your camera depending on your acivities and creativity.

The upcoming updates will allow you to:

- Use the application with all the camera models

- Program 6 shortcuts

- Read and download the medias on your smartphone and share them with friends and family

- Activate a "help" option that will give you access to many creations that can inspire you

Don't hesitate to give us suggestions or comments to improve the application.

This application is not in any way related to the GoPro brand

GOPRO® and HERO® are GoPro®, Inc. Trademarks

*the video playback can be longer depending on the camera models or smartphone models

Что нового

Версия 1.1.0

Pro mode of HERO 5 Session Implementation
Novice mode of HERO 5 Session Implementation
Implementing the shortcut menu
Bug Solving connection problems with some models
Display problem resolution

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Разработчик Adrien Paris не сообщил Apple о своей политике конфиденциальности и используемых им способах обработки данных.

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Разработчик будет обязан предоставить сведения о конфиденциальности при отправке следующего обновления приложения.


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